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Blue On Blue… July 28, 2009

Filed under: Edwardston Station Gallery,Mãebaleia Continent — baker Blinker @ 6:41 am

Venturing pretty far west on Maebaleia to get this picture from Pumori. Baker is on an overlook above a lake about two to three times the size of Rubisea.


Much higher above this same lake is found the very interesting Limoncello Gallery owned by LastDitch Writer. The art of LDW and many other can be found in this 100+ meter long blimp, complete with a number of internal levels. Quite different!


Yet another gallery on the same continent called Bluebox. Just one of a number of galleries, oddly, that begin with the name “blue” and just happen to be situated on this continent. I’ll write more on that soon. As of now, I have a map of the 3 real or present galleries in question showing their relative location,, as well as a past/future gallery Blue Feather that I’ve mentioned a number of times already in this blog,

Stay tuned!……….



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