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Rubisea Again, 02: Rubisea July 26, 2009

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Although Unnasty Branch spans most of the Bluedrake sim, east to west, it is not the only “legitimate” stream in the sim. Second in importance is probably this similar volume creek basically following the southern border of the sim, where it meets up with another sim called Flayer. But mysteriously, this particular Bluedrake stream has no real mouth, or, really, a source. It just starts flowing from underneath the grass at the eastern edge of Bluedrake and meaders, as I said, along its southern border until reaching this dead end at another 3V rental cottage, a rental cottage about 200 meters west of this source, and with still about 100 meters between it and Rubisea, the nearest static body of water. Just saying all this to contrast it with Unnasty Branch, since the 2 seem to be, really, the only full fledged streams in Bluedrake. Unnasty Branch, in comparison, flows through the very heart of the sim, and spans almost its entire length east to west.


Then its down to Rubisea itself from the aborted stream, approaching from the southeast.


On the shoreline now…


Baker stares at the nicely rippled mountain range on the opposite side of the inland sea/lake, already mentioned and explored a bit in this earlier post.


A look at the ridge as it runs south toward the Lycanthrope cave where werewolf avatars and gear are sold.


Approaching the Unnasty waterfall from the south, where the branch flows rapidly into Rubisea. Again, it’s the historic sea’s only feeder stream.


A view of an interesting blue-green house right on the water’s edge, even extending into the sea itself a bit. The landscape here reminds me of pictures of the Lake District in England, very appropriately since this could be considered the Lake District of the Maebaleia continent of Second Life. It reminds me of Rydal Water in particular, which also, coincidentally or not so coincidentally, has a cave on its side, which I’ve used in several collages now of the 10×10. Again, may mean nothing.






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