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Rubisea Again, 01: *Un*Nasty Creek July 26, 2009

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Since creating the snapshots for this and subsequent posts on the Bluedrake/Rubisea region, I’ve terminated my rent in the small Bluedrake cottage. I may renew in the area, but not at the same, furnished cottage I don’t believe. Anyway, while there I was fortunate to live only 1 parcel north of the headwaters of what I’m calling Unnasty Branch, whose source is the multi-leveled fountain pictured below, and also a location which provided Baker Bloch a very nice, red book for perusing while he rests up for his big expedition this day. Baker Bloch is checking behind himself today, and finds, or remembers I suppose, the book is entitled Enlightened Realms. But the text was too blurry to actually read.*


Baker finds he can comfortably walk underwater in the small stream without poking his head above the surface. Interesting the stream is so deep so near its source, perhaps.


A look back at the literal fountainhead of Unnasty Branch, so named, in part, because it is a very beautiful stream, but also because at one point it may not have been so pretty at all, and instead quite nasty indeed. But now all that seems a remote, perhaps unreal dimension, or perhaps a dimension borrowed directly from Earth and, specifically, Ashville, North Carolina. Much to discuss on that yet.


About 40-50 meters downstream from the source, we find this nice stone block bridge spanning the small width of Unnasty Branch, one of 3 such bridges on the stream. But beware those who tread on this bridge from this safe direction, for they immediately cross over to a parcel which sends you all the way back home, wherever that is, with only 5 seconds warning. Baker Bloch found to his irritation that these home security systems are activated all over the 3V Rental properties. And, to remind, this company owns a *lot* of land in the area, including all of Bluedrake and also all the immediate land surrounding historic, perhaps pre-historic Rubisea itself. The plus side is that the land is very pastoral and pristinely landscaped; no huge malls or Dark Lord castles to be seen. It’s still very irritating, and some of the systems give you even less warning than 5 seconds, which is not enough to walk off their land before heading, ooops!, home once again, as has happened to Baker a number of times now in his treks within the Rubisea/Bluedrake region.


A little further downstream there’s a second waterfall/fountain area, complete with a rainbow this time. Careful not to step on the parcel with the quick trigger security system just on the other side!


The third and last bridge crossing Unnasty Branch just below.


A look west from the picnic table next to the bridge toward the top of the rather large waterfall that both culminates and terminates Unnasty Branch’s flow toward Rubisea.


A century plant near the top of the waterfall. Baker Bloch was very pleased to find he could copy the plant free of charge. He subsequently took it to Noru, planting a copy beside what we’re still calling Bill Hill.


The top of the waterfall. Rubisea is about 50 meters below Baker Bloch here. Quite nice.



* Just to note: Fountainhead is the name of a famous book by Ayn Rand, and also defined as a great source of knowledge, just as a maven is defined as such sometimes.


One Response to “Rubisea Again, 01: *Un*Nasty Creek”

  1. edna million Says:

    Certainly prettier than Nasty Creek! Although Nasty Creek probably needs to be renamed to something like “A Little Murky But Not THAT Bad” Creek.

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