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Rubisea Area, 02 July 24, 2009

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Emerging from the gorge and reaching the top of the hill, Baker is amazed to see an actual cave selling werewolf related items in Lycanthrope, knowing now that a lycanthrope is just another word for werewolf itself. Surely the name of the sim came before the shop, and the owner just picked the sim for the name to help advertise his business (?)


Predictably, a full moon is found inside the cave featuring werewolf related products. The name of the business, by the way, is the WereHouse. OK, yeah, here’s an interview by the Second Life Insider of the owners of this shop. Nifty — looks like they’ve been around a long time since the interview is from 2006.

… one of the owners has his own online comic book series.

… hmmm, and it looks like they have vendors everywhere. Still it definitely seems to mean something that they are located in the same sim as the “moon” half of Rubisea. Have to think about that further for sure.


The view down to Rubisea itself from The Werehouse cave. And those were-dogs are animated — quite realistic, although they don’t actually walk around (thankfully!)


A long ridge follows Rubisea to the west. The Werehouse is situated near its southern terminus. The chapel below is near the upper end, about maybe 350 meters away from the weredog lair. Contrast of sacred and profane or putrefied? Anyway, we’re now in the southwest corner of Carrion, about to reenter Bluedrake from the north.


Not a very pious position for Baker Bloch here.


View of Rubisea from far above the chapel.


Then it’s safe and sound back at his cottage home in Bluedrake.


From a rocky ledge within view of his home, on the edge of Bluedrake, he can see out over an Indian village.


Another, longer draw distance shot from the front lawn of his rental cottage. You can see the just visited Carrion chapel on the long ridge beyond Rubisea with this draw.


Rubisea again from above his cottage.



Rubisea Area, 01

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One of first hikes during my tenure as cottage owner in Bluedrake. Started at the cottage and completed a sweeping circle through Bluedrake, Mabingogion, Loogaro, Oathkeeper, Lycanthrope, Totem, Carrion, and then back “home” to Bluedrake. Will try to keep descriptions here as short as possible in order to catch up with my now considerable backlog of text generation. Bad me!

Interesting vase found on the steep western bank of Rubisea (that’s what Hucka D. says is the actual name of the lake or sea half found in Bluedrake and half in Lycanthrope, just to remind). Owned by the owner of 3V Rentals, and created by foxmenn Cortes. It’s also only a couple of meters south of the center of the waterfall the Unnasty Branch creates when it nears Rubisea. Don’t think I’ve mentioned Unnasty Branch in blog text yet, but I’ll save more of that for the next series of posts, which will feature this stream more.


50 or 60 meters or so south by southwest of the vase we have this ledge above Rubisea, giving a nice view of the entire body of water.


Another stream in Bluedrake, perhaps the only other one besides Unnasty Branch. This on the border of Bluedrake and Flayer — I’ll get to that more in the next series as well.


Then its on to Mabinogion just south of Rubisea, where Baker Bloch runs into more of those everpresent chickens and roosters. This is actually very near the pond and island where Karoz spotted his own rooster, and owned by the same rental group in fact. This would be just before he subsequently trekked just north to first discover Rubisea for The Bakers extended family (that is, The Bakers, Hucka Doobie, Wilsonia, and, now, Karoz). The whole area around the pond is beautifully landscaped, with many varieties of plants, um, planted.


Then it’s on to Loogaro to the west, where Blochs encounters this nice, tumbling waterfall and decides to take another snapshot.


A nearby lookout, still in Loogaro. Baker is considerably nearer the larger Lake District sea to the west of Rubisea at this point than Rubisea itself. I plan to explore all the lakes in this district further and will report more detail findings in the near future.


An interesting little island, in the aforementioned unnamed sea now lying within Baker’s draw distance. In checking behind Baker Bloch, Wilsonia now finds that 2 of the 3 palms of this islet have been removed in the meantime, replaced by a small, glass gazebo, it appears.


Baker is about to enter a steepish gorge and simultaneously pass into Lycanthrope from Oathkeeper to the west. He’s heading toward the general direction of Rubisea once again.