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Magic Chat… July 20, 2009

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“You are in the right place, baker b. But Karoz is unhappy. He is homesick. He still lives on the Southern Continent, but he feels that the family has moved to the Atoll Continent, you see. Think about him more.”


Well, he has his magic circle and I’m beyond that. There’s more to the southern continent than Greater Chilbo. Hike to that gallery…

Hucka D.:

That’s it, baker b. Karoz must go gallery hopping.


Thank you both.



“I am The Bill”, The Bill said to the little one standing in front of the long, white fan. I am cool and tall.

“Yeah, blah, yeah, blah,” said the other who was indignant and raw and rough. Not like The Bill atall.

“Why did you not like Sternberg?” The Bill asked gently, attempting to calm the raw.

“Page didn’t come,” said the other, with fire in his eyes and water in his mouth. He was suddenly hungry.

“Maybe you…”

“Page is different from what you think,” the other, raw one interrupted. Not smooth atall, again. “He’s changed, he’s turned.”