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Aspinwall…??? July 11, 2009

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“Hucka D., we are thinking that the Great Wall may be connected to keyword Aspinwall, the uriginal name of Colon, Panama.

A clue is the first three sims the Wall passes through, north to south, are Athetis, Spini, and Pyri. ASP, then.

Aspinwall, in “The High Octave Story”, was described as being a small, silver snake connected somehow with Sirius or Argentum Astrum.”

Hucka D.:

But not Crowley.


Not really. Sirius, more.

Hucka D:

Well, certainly the Great Wall has the appearance of a serpent through its twists and turns.



Hucka D.:

Yes. 14 sims it passes through, if I’m counting correctly. Like a snake but also a caterpillar. (pause) Another assignment, then, is to reread “The High Octave Story”. Aspinwall was found in the “colon” of an orange VW bug. Its muffler, in other words. It was then made into a pet by the protagonist, like your friend Edward now has his dingo dog (grins).


Sherwood died in Colon, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

I believe that Aspinwall snake was gray, baker b.



Hucka D.:

But I believe now that that old IA-6 field may be involved.



I’m sensing a pattern.

Undeniable, actually.

(to be continued?)


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