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Well, let’s just start chatting, shall we? 02 July 8, 2009

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“Let’s just start chatting again, Hucka D., shall we?”


I’m here. I’m here.

Hucka D.:

Mr. Plant is still eager.


Plant will do. Plantation Plant. Planet Plant.






How should I start guys?

Hucka D.:

Look to the planets, baker b.


What about the Sylver Forest?

Hucka D.:

You mean the Silver Forest?


Silver. (laughs)

Hucka D.:

4 to 9 sims total. You’re in it now.




I wish to go back to Nowtown. *Now.* (laughs again).


Plant, you drunk tonight?

Hucka D.:

Giddy is more like it.


Who needs Page. We have real pages now. Just kidding Page. (laughs once more)


Giddy Lee? Sorry.

Hucka D.:

We better end for tonight.


Thank you.


Dueling Borg Cubes? Yes!

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Just some preliminary shots of my newest rental land next to the southern terminus of the Great Linden Wall in Horisme. I’m going to have to give up at least 3 of the 5 Noru parcels, though, maybe all 5. 😦 But it seems worth the sacrifice. Was initially looking at renting my old property in Rubi just next door, but this parcel was cheaper and also much more protected. Doubly protected, as they say, since the wall is to the immediate east and there’s also a Linden road to the south.

Already on the property we have the Victorian house I always seem to initially erect on any new land, and then the small, modified Slum Econo apartment structure also formerly found in Noru (the 2 versions there have just today been deleted). Done a bit of terraforming as well already. But the main structure on the property is the Edwardston Station Gallery, hovering just above the tree line here just like it was in Noru (it’s also been removed from Noru now). So this is the new, official location of this gallery in SL. I also plan to move the Temple of TILE, but since I have so many prims still to work with, around 500 or so, thought it might be time to make over the temple. Not sure I want to create another Ubertemple, or have *that* many prims to spare. But certainly something between the present temple and an ubertemple, size-wise, is a possibility. Another fun building project to work on, then.

Below is the mysterious caterpillar that fellow explorer Nish Mip mentioned in her new Atoll continent related post on the Big Orange. Obviously connected with the moth religion recorded in Magellan Linden’s famous blog, especially since the creator of the Great Linden Wall and the creator of the Moth Temple more in the center of the continent are one and the same (Xenon Linden), as Nish uncovered in her Atoll research.


2 mysterious mushroom shapes are also found near the south end of the Great Wall, clearly visible from much of my property. Meaning: unknown.


My new landlady (it always seems to be a woman I rent from… can’t think of one exception, actually — oh, there was Zimmy Zulah from a long time ago, my very first landlord/lady) was kind enough to manifest some stairs created by the former owner of the land to offer easy access to the interior of the Great Wall. I decided not to use them, though, at least for now.


This is off the subject, but I thought I’d also slip in a snapshot of those Chilbo gearchair automatons that I also just recently ran into again in a place called King’s Beach on the Nautilus continent, I believe. Have to think about the meaning of that more.


The Edwardston Station Gallery and the actual Borg Cube just across the street now (also mentioned in Nish’s post, and also noted by myself in a post during my Rubi days on the Atoll continent last fall) form what I jokingly call “dueling Borg Cubes” in the title of this new post. The Borg Cube is actually slightly smaller at 28x28x28, while my gallery is 30 meters all around. My gallery sits at a somewhat higher elevation, and also somewhat to the west. But if you moved the Borg Cube straight up across the rd., it would most certainly pass through a fair portion of my own cube still.


The Victorian house on the property.


A small pond I terraformed on a whim. Nice view of the house from these chairs for certain.


A look over to the Slum Econo apt. structure (modified) more in the northeast corner of the parcel, and quite close to the opening of the Great Wall at this southern terminus. There’s also a spontaneously created mound on the other side of the structure, almost directly north of the pond. A contrast of convex and concave on the property.

I should also mention the pond sits right in the center of the Edwardston Station Gallery width and breadth-wise.


A closer look at the wall opening.