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Loose Thoughts, Chatting? July 6, 2009

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“Well, let’s just jump right into the chatting since we don’t have a lot of time tonight, Hucka D.”


I was worried you wouldn’t show up tonight. We wish to speak about Winesap with you. Public Domain.

Hucka D.:

Yes, baker b. Now is the time.


You have more prims freed up at your Noru gallery complex. You know now that Rubi is not an option. Time for Winesap, then. In Noru.

Hucka D.:

“E” is all set up, baker b. You’ll generate the needed text tomorrow.


All is good and ready for Winesap baker breton.

Hucka D.:

baker b.


Thanks for that. Another [delete name] has started again, Hucka D. That seems important.

Hucka D.:

You are moving backwards in time still. I will help. You have been moving backwards since, well, I can’t say it here.


I will take your suggestion about Winesap into consideration. Anything else?

Hucka D.:

Yes. Plant wants you to consider the Zeppelin Tube as Winesap. That’s why he and I are bringing it up. Bottle. Wine. Public. Domain. Old into new. Old is new. Bottles. Wine.


Thank you.


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