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“E” Exhibit, 02 July 6, 2009

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Baker Bloch activates the teleporter and heads on up to Big E, 400 meters high.

Big E, as already described a bit from this early June post. As determined by Karoz at the time of the find in the Blue Feather Sea outlined in this post, all but 1 of the 30 sims of the Korean Channel are depicted on the 29 separate square surfaces of this E, with the completely water sim Ustermann being the lone omission.


Big E as seen from the north, with the sims from the lower part of the Korean Channel adorning the individual square surfaces on this side, 1 per square again. These would be the sims Karoz is most familiar with, starting with Xilted at the right hand bottom, closest to his Noru home. A broad strip of land extends from Xilted northward through Glasso, which Karoz has run a number of times now in its entirety.


On the south side of the Big E, then, are Channel sims from its upper part, which include another long strip of land but on the west side of the Channel this time, and considerably more narrow than the one on the lower, east side of the Channel from the snapshot above.


Looking up from the south side of the E again, starting with Xilted just in front of Baker Bloch here.


Then the same with the north side.


Baker spies some kind of face staring back at him from the doorway into the Big E. Ah yes, he remembers now. That’s one of the 2 Chilbolton crop circles from 2001, the ones his user baker b. think are intimately connected with Chilbo from the southern continent.


Baker Bloch moves inside the E, then. All of these pictures were originally found, for several weeks, in Noru’s House of Truth mini-gallery, but have since been deleted there to avoid duplication with the Chro gallery material. Again, I’ll let the descriptions of the pictures tell their tale in person to curious visitors.


2nd floor of E, again a 20 x 10 meter room as is the first.


Baker Bloch daydreams, once again, about the mysteries of Chilbo/Chilbol/Chilbolton while staring at one of its names on a map from this floor.


“E” Exhibit, 03


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