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Inland Sea: Reaching the Northern Edge June 5, 2009

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Karoz takes another hike from his Noru home to the Inland Sea or Korean Channel, intending to go even further than he had the last time up the channel. Below is Xilted again, whose green, rolling hills should be familiar to regular readers of this blog by now. But I especially thought this dusk shot captured the beauty of the sim at its fullest.


Another great dusk shot of Karoz running northward into the more beige colored landscape of Xilted and out of the quite emerald green, lower part of this sim.


Karoz still running north along the (east side of the) channel, this time through a sparse grove of palm trees in Glasso. The sim’s noted round and green knoll at its northern border lies just ahead of Karoz here. Beyond this the remaining Korean Channel sims are almost all water up to its northern border, still some 9 sims (1 1/2 miles) away.


Some dice found on the eastern edge of the channel. Baker Bloch, checking behind Karoz again, is unable to refind the location of these objects. But they rolled themselves when touched, and it crossed Karoz’s mind at the time to use them for oracle purposes.


The northern reach of the bit of land protruding into Pleiablo from the east. Karoz has made it to the general limit of his last Korean Channel trip, and is about to literally dive into unknown, personally unexplored water. Actually, it is just north of this point where Karoz inexplicably — to him at the time — transported into the Blue Feather Sea of the Mãebaleia continent, as discussed in this earlier post.


Traversing this water and retaining local time/space coordinates this time, a relieved Karoz shortly reaches the northern edge of the land in this direction, complete with a working lighthouse. This would be in Ensel.


Also in Ensel is found the northern edge of the channel as a whole. Beyond this to the north lies the great Void separating the great continents of Jeogeot and Sansara, a considerable number of miles apart.



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