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Crabwoo 02: Signs of “The Bill” June 3, 2009

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Karoz now moves into Vyacheslav, which has been identified as the second and less central sim making up what is being called Crabwoo or Crabwooton in this blog. There appears to be considerably less commercial establishments in this sim than Malyshkin, the more central of the 2 Crabwoo sims just visited by Karoz. Instead Vyacheslav seems dominated by residential parcels, such as seen in the below snapshot.


Near the northeast corner of Vyacheslav. Strangely the multiple steps in the sidewalk in front of Karoz here
are all too high to step up from. Karoz does not know if this is a work in progress, or just an oversight of some sort. But he finds it rather irritating.


Karoz then hops over to the Blue Feather Sea itself to the west of Crabwoo, enjoying the peace and quiet of an underwater land of rolling hills interspersed with those darker patternings mentioned before.


On this same night, Karoz decides to explore south of the Blue Feather Sea a bit as well, attracted by some interesting looking spots on the SL map, such as this Gwydion farm complete with cornfield, windmill, horses, pigs, and these chickens.



Interestingly, in exploring the area surrounding the farm more, Karoz quickly came upon this house with chicken legs. He took it as another sign, a correct assumption according to Hucka D.



2 Responses to “Crabwoo 02: Signs of “The Bill””

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