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To The Inland Sea Once More, 2 June 1, 2009

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Karoz found the water gets shallower and the hills rollier in the next water sim up, Pleiablo. He’s about 2/3rds up the Korean Channel now, further than he’s ever reached before thanks to almost nonstop running this night.


A strip of dry land protrudes into Pleiablo from the west, the first land in a Korean Channel sim he’s crossed since Glasso 5 sims to the south. Karoz has had to hold his breath for a long time!


Turning to his right he sees this green, flat, and — he realizes — probably quite artificial land just over the border in Haebyon. Karoz wants to explore the parcel anyway, but finds he can’t because of ban lines. He’s really starting to hate those things.


It was somewhere in the still shallow water above Pleiablo, perhaps Wylder immediately to the north or perhaps Fernstar to the north of that, where Karoz suddenly found himself yanked off of this continent and onto another continent completely: Mãebaleia.


I, Karoz’s user, was quite conscious of the reason for his sudden transport. Frankly I was getting bored of the monotonous, one tone, essentially plant-less sea bottom Karoz had been running over for some time now, and desired a different underwater setting with at least one additional element of excitement. I already knew the sea floor of what I now call the Blue Feather Sea, although it also didn’t contain a plethora of plants, had the added benefit of mixing different color textures and not just the one texture of the Korean Channel sims, somewhat in the manner of the Okinu sim glyphs but without the sharp edges. So I just had Karoz teleport over to that sea instead, a spur of the moment decision. But in studying subsequent events, I realized that this was no accidental decision. Although I wasn’t really consciously aware of it at the time, I later understood that there was a very intimate psychic connection between the 2 groups of water sims, the 30 Korean Channel sims and the 6 Blue Feather Sea sims, that is. And this link seems only to be expanding since I took these pictures over 1 week ago now — I’m late with generating my accompanying text, as is quite common.

So this is where I took Karoz, much to his shock and surprise. He instantly knew that he had suddenly popped into somewhere totally different from where he had been because of dark patterns surrounding him now.


I don’t remember exactly which of the 6 water sims this occurred, but at any rate he soon came upon a slouched over female avatar whose stance indicated that she was “away” at the time; not “physically” there. Karoz briefly thought about talking to her, thinking it might be fate that he met the woman in this location so soon after arriving. But then he thought better of it — as Baker Bloch advised him, it’s best to not talk to other avatars unless absolutely necessary. Not that most wish you harm, but just that it’s usually a basic waste of the time which could be spent doing more productive things — like exploring!


Now I do know where this shot is from: it’s a smallish bit of steep land on the east side of Guiler (1 of the 6 Blue Feather Sea sims), perhaps representing less than the area of a 4096 parcel. Karoz looks down into the water from this height, and the interesting darker patterns visible further within the Gulier sim.


Karoz explores the shoreline of the sea for a spell, eventually coming across this nice gallery on the eastern shore, in Neverov. Appropriately, the gallery’s name is the Neverov Art Gallery. Karoz finds no Sasun Steinbeck designed art gallery kiosk present, though, unusual for such a nice, large gallery.


And then this seems to be another weird thing, for Karoz clicks something within the gallery to teleport into this room with what appears to be the surface of a different world altogether beneath him. The continent he stands directly above, as in space, reminds him of South America, but there are enough differences to convince him that it may not be. Turned the opposite way, and it looks, actually, just as much or more like Jeogeot, he realizes — the place where he just came from!

Another aspect of this weirdness is that even after several tries from both avatars, neither Baker Bloch nor Karoz have been able to rediscover this room within the gallery. Hucka D. has some theories about that as well.

Snapshot1052_003smallere hill


5 Responses to “To The Inland Sea Once More, 2”

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  2. […] homestead sims that I’ve also talked about in other posts now. So perhaps pencil this in as a Karoz-Jeogeot/Maebaleia type switch between otherwise distance points on the Linden […]

  3. […] Now I’m looking at these [presently], and remembering how Karoz went up the Korean Channel, usually starting at the lower right sim of Xilted and moving up the coast, until one time he fell into a portal connecting Jeogeot with the next SL created continent of Maebaleia. The specific post I’m looking at is here. […]

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