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To The Inland Sea Once More, 1 June 1, 2009

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OK, this is where this continually refined route starts to become really interesting, trust me. Let’s start with the waterfall below, directly west of the now quite important fuchsia colored building discussed before. Karoz has now discovered that the nice waterfall is copyable, which is rather unusual in this profit driven virtual world. He’s also discovered that this indeed is a twin to the waterfall next to the house containing a vendor offering the parrot product discussed in this post from several days before, and which Baker Bloch has already bought for a quite reasonable 10 lindens. If you wish to check, here’s the SLurl to the waterfall pictured below, and here’s the one to the waterfall next to the studio house, also in Noguri. The 2 falls lies about 100 meters away from each other, but the mystery is not that the two are rather proximate to each other (that’s explainable due to the fact that the owner of each is one and the same), but that they figure into this whole complex of synchronicities first discussed in detail here.


Snapshot showing the nearness of the fuchia building to this waterfall.


Another, quite differently shaped small waterfall in the immediate area. This also has a duplicate in Noguri, and very near the duplicate of the waterfall now to the left of Karoz below. All four waterfalls, coming in 2 pairs now, belong to the same owner, one Peony Sweetwater.

In fact, as soon as I can I’ll just provide a map of all 4 of these waterfalls within the Noguri sim as even the locations relative to each other might mean something in the larger scheme of things. Another written down mental note here, then.


We must proceed forward with Karoz beyond Noguri for now, though, because on this particular day he’s detemined to head further north up the Korean Channel than he’s ever accomplished before. Below is a snapshot of a bay in Kyat Lun above Orgamast, one of its 2 most prominent topographical feature. We’ll get to the next one in a moment.


A second winded Karoz sprinting north along the sandy beach in Kyat Lun.


Here’s the second, prominent feature promised before: an approximately 80 meter long gulch running from the beach to the eastern edge of the sim, easily spotted on the SL map.


Karoz looks up at the structures bunched on top of each other at this eastern end.


Karoz perched on the most pronounced knoll of Glasso, 1 sim up from Kyat Lun. For the record, this is now 4 sims north of Xilted forming the east, lower end of the Korean channel. But many more sims to go above this!


Karoz sits on a structure Baker Bloch can’t find the location of now, but between the locations of snapshots immediately before and after in this post. Karoz, if I remember correctly, found the structure to be empty.


In Locksey now, Karoz spies this interesting pile of square and round rock columns to the east in Kang Nae, but finds he lacks permission to enter the parcel and examine further.



2 Responses to “To The Inland Sea Once More, 1”

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  2. […] The first is supposedly the first snapshot created by the founder of Chilbo, F. Tuque, with a parrot on her shoulder, and not just any ol’ parrot but the one found in Noguri, invovled in a tangle of synchronicities basically outlined here. […]

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