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CUBUS May 27, 2009

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Looking south down Route 10 in Chima. Quite a long way, now, from Chilbo, which straddles this same route. I liked the trees. Nice treehouse at the end of the row as well, which I’ll come back to in a moment.


Hucka D. made a private comment about this pile of cubes which Baker Bloch has been unable to relocate. He mysteriously called it a nest, and implied that it may be the nest of the female companion to Ruuster, perhaps Bill or Billina from the Oz series also mentioned before. But I also remember a chicken laying square eggs from a Green Acres episode entitled “A Square is not Round.” May have something to do with all this. [delete 2 sentences.] In the wikipedia article on the subject, this episode was singled out as a prime example of the often surreal humor within the show.


Here’s the treehouse I mentioned before, positioned just north of a queerish little road that dead ends in the tunnel seen here — the tunnel appears as a hole but actually is a forgery. Heading east from this western terminus, the road meanders its way through the huge CUBUS complex of buildings, whose purpose I’ve quite yet to understand precisely. The information for the group that owns the land, IT4UNIT, is vague, at least to me. They appear to specialize in builds. But the land is called CUBUS, which Hucka D. says is important. It seems connected with those cubic “eggs” he lectures about as well, which may be on their vast holdings somewhere (they appear to own well over a sim of land). Hucka D. has also claimed several times that his own father, Kelley, the “Bee Man”, worked for “CUBUS”, although, again, I’m not sure of the connection between the land named CUBUS and its group owner, IT4UNIT. I guess I could just im the owner. I have a feeling Hucka D. is going to keep bringing it up. As we shall see, Hucka D. II’s comments about “BILL” appear to figure into this somehow as well.


A nice spot of vegetated land within CUBUS.


Another tunnel, this time on the north central edge of Goryeo, where the main CUBUS complex exists. Karoz found this tunnel to be a little different from the first he encountered. When you walk into this one, it shortly deadends, like the other (although it is a deeper “hole”), but in addition to this, quickly grows increasingly dark. In turning around now within the tunnel, checking behind Karoz, Baker Bloch also notes that the front of the tunnel, where you entered to reach this deadend, is also quite dark from this endpoint. Dark in either road direction, although light still to the sides. Interesting scripting.*


Some more shots of the central CUBUS complex of buildings.



* Later, Hucka D. also compares these tunnels to the one Alice describes in this post, which seems to be related to the birth tunnel and birth itself (real life seen through the end of the tunnel), perhaps even the birth of Karoz (?).


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