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Finding a best route to the Inland Sea as well… May 23, 2009

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So here we have Karoz attempting another “perfect” run to the Inland Sea area from the Noru galleries. Here’s the first, real try, in case you’re curious. Same starting point (through the phantom wall forming the west boundary of the galleries). Let’s see what’s different this time.

Karoz thought this spot in Koni worthy of a snapshot. The only way to safely get down to the pool at the bottom of the approx. 15 meters falls is by ladder. There’s also a small subway system under that pool the water in the falls drains from that Karoz, or Baker Bloch, wants to get some pictures of as well. Mental note here, thus.

These falls are just to the south of this forest Karoz ran through on his first official blog visit to the Inland Sea/Korean Channel. There’s actually a nicely forested ridge with a rock path running down most of its length (to the pool pictured above) just south of the waterfall/pool, even — will try to get snapshots of that as well. Interesting area; so close to home as well! Moving on…


Just across the “road” (protected Linden route) from the waterfall is this 60 meter tower, another easy-to-spot landmark for Karoz in future journeys to the Korean Channel from his home. Baker Bloch, in checking behind Karoz again, finds that the ferris wheel from this former post is in plain sight from the top of this tower to the northeast, less than 96 meters away (his current draw distance), then.


Karoz continues on in a westerly direction to soon revisit the pool with the parrot found before. He decides to take a close up shot of the bird this time. Not really perched on the edge of that chair very well, is he?

Perhaps more oddness: Baker Bloch is now finding that this pool has subsequently disappeared; he was actually waiting for it to rez in (never did) when he turned around in his tracks and saw a picture of the same parrot just behind him through the unrezzed walls of a studio house not noted by Karoz, maybe because it wasn’t there at the time (?). Baker Bloch ran inside to take a picture of it before this too could fade into oblivion. You can check it out here. I don’t know — seems to mean something but I’m not sure what yet.


Baker Bloch is at the location below now. Upon first glance everything seemed to be relatively the same in this case. This would be immediately to the south of where the pool with the parrot use to be (the pool still shows up on the SL map — didn’t dream it!). But wait, there’s one obvious difference. I believe that’s the studio house in the lower right corner of Karoz’s snapshot. Looks like it has been moved, according to Baker’s present calculations, about 30-40 meters to the northeast, then. SL can be so confusing! But we must move on again…


Karoz then spies that queer, magenta or fuchsia colored building across the protected route from his position in, let’s see, this would be Noguri, only a stone’s throw from the studio house just visited.


And then when he peers through a small opening dotted with “under construction” barricades, he is confronted by the fuchsia house once again. He just wanted to make a note of this repeated sighting for this blog, although he still doubts it has anything to do with the Fuchsia Diamond.


Then from this rock tower on the western edge of Pieup, he looks into the vacant Xiath sim. Once again, he’s made it to the Korean Channel, or what he likes to call the Inland Sea.


Looking back at where Karoz is standing for that last snapshot, taken from the interior of Xianth.


We close this particular journey to Karoz’s Inland Sea at a nice vantage point in Lordshore.



5 Responses to “Finding a best route to the Inland Sea as well…”

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