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Loose Thoughts, Chatting? May 20, 2009

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New gallery complex in Noru is reasonably set up. Very pleased! Already moved the entire Edwardston Station Gallery there and deleted the version in Healy. Rent would have been up in 8 days anyways. It’s really quite a cool space, and I’ll provide some pictures asap.

Can’t remember if I mentioned the details about land but in Noru now I rent 5 individual 1024 parcels, all in one clump. One can break this down into a square 4096 (like I had in Otherland) and then an extra (5th) 1024 parcel to the immediate west of southwest 1024 of this square.

Currently I’m numbering the parcels (for title and development purposes) starting from this “extra” 1024, which will contain both the Victorian house on the ground, and the Temple of TILE (still not fully moved from Hibdon) about 225 feet up in the air. Interesting story about that in relationship to something else in the sky there I may get into in this blog — or not. But that’s parcel #1.


I decided to go ahead and provide a little map of my rented parcels in Noru. I also thought it might be a good idea to show the relationship of these parcels to the nw corner of the sim. The above map shows the 9 sims closest to this corner. I now have befriended 1 of the 2 people who own all the remaining parcels from this little map, someone directly associate with Chilbo. How exciting! I’ll provide a link to his very interesting blog from this blog and give more details asap. Back to my map.

So parcel #1 is the Temple of TILE, as I said before, but also, on the ground, the Victorian house that I always seem to first install on properties I have just rented. Currently this house is empty, although the interior has been basically adjusted as I like it (high prim fireplace removed, new lower res wallpaper).* Parcel #2 is now the Edwardston Station Gallery. I still consider these two structures the heart and soul of, well, probably my entire experiences in SL. So that’s another reason to give them the first 2 numbers.

It has occurred to me that although I’m very happy now with the Edwardston Station Gallery, the Temple of TILE itself may undergo a facelift sometime this summer. Maybe not in the next month or so, but soon. But for now I’ll probably just recreate the Hibdon version of the temple already in place.

For the Victorian house below, not exactly sure what I want to put in it yet — maybe more Edna photos, or maybe more specific information about the game/philosophy/religion of TILE itself. Perhaps more the latter.

As I said, the temple’s base elevation will probably be set at 225 meters. Much closer to the ground will be the Edwardston Station Gallery, only about 30 meters above the ground in fact. High enough so that a nice open, landscaped area can be set up below it. Low enough so that you can see it from anywhere in the complex — I like that fact. I don’t think it works as well by itself, being a giant cube and all. But fit it in with other, very different structures and I think it does. Reversing my previous thoughts on the subject, I don’t believe the giant cubes of the Temple of TILE and ESG should be directly on top of each other. I’ve created a broad gap between the 2 in the Noru complex — just too much “square” when together, you see.

I see the remaining 3 parcels in the Noru complex as supporting these two main galleries. On the 3rd parcel (the first I rented in the area, though) is the “Where are we on that?” exhibit, also currently housed in the Something To CHRO About gallery in Healy. Here the modified slum apartment building stands on its own, though, as a separate gallery. This structure works well in this spot, I feel, because my neighbor has set up several Arcadia builds on the two parcels just to the west and northwest of my parcel #3 here. So I think that’s the proper structure to put in this place. It supports, really, the Edwardston Station Gallery, since it advertises several collages of that collection (all SL related) and gives more of a background to the 10×10’s SL slant.

Set up on Parcel #4 is the now 10 story, circle dominated tower that was first tested in Hibdon (12 story version there). From its various windows you have some really nice views of the gallery complex, as well as neighboring land. I envision this gallery as also supporting the Edwardston Station Gallery, with more pictures from this blog used, just as I did in the “Where…?” gallery.

Parcel #5, the last and right now the least as well, contains the modified Slum Econo building also first set up in Hibdon. It will hold maybe 20 pictures tops. As was the case in Hibdon, not sure what I want to put in it yet. Basically, this less prim populated parcel acts as a balance to parcel #1, which is the most loaded down of the 5 parcels. Also it looks like parcel #2 will run a bit over the allotted prims for a 1024 (234). Parcels 3 and 4 will not, and with maybe about 50 prims to spare apiece. Parcel #5 will use even less. So the whole complex is weighted, if you will, towards the temple and also the Edwardston Station Gallery.

Not sure if I have time to talk to Hucka D. now. Perhaps tomorrow!


* This would soon be outfitted as the House of Truth.