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The “Other” Moon… May 19, 2009

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Having read this blog in the meantime and seeing Hucka D.’s brief comment about Karoz looking on the wrong moon for his mother, Karoz decides to use the teleport option again to expand his search to post-Jeogeot territory. Namely, he heads over to The Moon sim just off the lower western coast of the Maebaleia continent, the [continent] formed just after Jeogeot.

To rehash a bit, Hucka D. has been telling baker b., during several of their late night conversations or “chats” now, that The Moon sim is some kind of lunar double to Mos Ainsley, and that both represent “moons” to their respective, very similar sized and dimensioned continents, Maebaleia and Jeogeot respectively. Now in the House of Truth, located within the Noru gallery complex, are maps demonstrating the spacial relationships between the two island-sims relative to these continents. You should go visit when you have a chance, if you’re curious about this at all (the titles of the pictures tell the story).

So below is what Karoz encountered while trying to land more on the coastline of the single island making up The Moon sim (single island, just like Mos Ainsley). It was a default landing site for the sim, a large shop described as sellling “boho retro pirate haute clothing by the REAL Gypsy Moon.” Well, there’s the reason for the name of the sim, obviously. But in checking the “About Land” module for owners, Karoz can find no Gypsy Moon listed, although there is a Gypsy Dejavu, as well as a Gypsy RoseThorne in the Calafuria group that owns the island. He wonders if they could be alts of this Gypsy Moon, but in checking the SL search option for avatars, yes, he finds the real, apparently one and only Gypsy Moon, since no 2 avatars in SL can have the same first and last name both as far as he knew. Hmmm, but in checking the description, Karoz finds this Gypsy Moon was born considerably after both island owners with this same first name. And there’s no mention in her profile about The Moon sim, unlike that of Gypsy Dejavu at least. He decides that this SL Gypsy Moon is not connected to The Moon sim, unlike the other two, and determines that some confusion in the past over this duplication has led to the comment from the store owner about the “REAL Gypsy Moon”. That would make for an interesting little side story in itself, perhaps.

There is no website attached to the group itself, although there was this site listed in the web tab of Gypsy Dejavu’s SL profile. Here’s the About Page for the same site. Well, it appears Karoz has some more studying to do before his return trip. And there will be a return trip, perhaps a number.


Not in the mood just yet to buy any clothing from this Gypsy Moon, even if she does turn out to be his mother (???), Karoz heads outside the elegant store and down a number of stairs to a viewing deck of the surrounding ocean, complete with realistic beaches, rocks, and even crashing waves.


This mysterious *fuchsia* curtain is found underneath the water sim to the north of The Moon, owned by the same group. There must be some money to be made selling this line of clothing! (RL, that is)


Karoz embarrassingly realizes that he’s had the “show interface in shapshot” box checked all this time, and decides to head back to the clothing store to take some “clean” shots. Here’s the sign for the store, missed before. Very fancy font, Karoz thinks. Moon font?


Karoz finds this passage to possible chambers beneath the store blocked. Perhaps growing tired from his long adventure, he crazily imagines his very-muscular-if-not-particularly-fetching father Gene Fade being kidnapped from his toy avatar world by this rich Gypsy, and confined to these subterranean chambers as some kind of love slave. Is that how his mother became impregnated with him? It was, however, too scary a thought to follow through at the time, given his location. And he was probably way off base on this, he thinks to calm himself down.


Heading out into the water sim again, Karoz takes some snapshots of several interesting buttes/mounds just north of the island and The Moon sim itself. There were considerably more of these than present in the below picture, though… more reason to go back soon.


Next stop in his initial tour of The Moon is the Hawk’s Head Tavern near the se corner of the sim. Fancy furnishings, once again, at least for a tavern, and Karoz wonders about how rich this Gypsy woman actually is.


He takes a moment to relax by the fireplace. Careful — he doesn’t want to fall asleep in such a potentially dangerous spot!


Heading back toward the direction of the shop over a bridge spanned swamp of some sort, Karoz sits on a provided moon object, thinking about his mother and father and how he possibly came to be.


He decides not to enter the shop again, but instead explore the coastline to the south. It was hiking on the high rocks above the beaches where he found this oracle site, a portal with the goddess Isis appearing within. Although there were other options provided by the oracle for manifesting different goddesses, Karoz was particularly attracted to this one, the original one he found after all. Was *this* his true mother? Was Gypsy Moon just a pointer to this? Whatever the case, he knew that the answer was somehow tied to this portal now.


More from The Moon soon!