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Jeogeot Past and Present, the 32 “additional” sims, & Jeogeot and Mãebaleia May 15, 2009

The Jeogeot continent, past (1st picture) and present (2nd picture). The former has to be early 2008 or prior, because we have present the empty center of the continent, called the Korean Channel on the official SL blog, that was filled in sometime before April of that year. The second picture, which represents the present version of the continent, demonstrates that an additional 33 sims were added to Jeogeot in the meantime, with one subtracted. On the second picture, I’ve highlighted the sim missing from pre-Korean Channel version. I do not know the name of this missing sim.

Jeogeot Past

Jeogeot Present

Here is a composite of all 33 “new” sims, with the 30 Korean Channel sims to the right and then, in the gray rectangle, 3 more sims that have come online in the meantime off the east coast of Jeogeot. The most important of these additional 3 is most certainly Mos Ainsley, the site of a Linden Space Base build mentioned in other places on this blog now. It has been referred to the “Moon” of Jeogeot for various reasons I won’t go into here. Also shown to the left with these 3 sims centered by Mos Ainlsey is the position of the empty space — relative to the other 3 — which represents the 1 Jeogeot sim removed from the grid. This makes the total sims added since the Korean Channel 32 and not 33. And this number strangely comes up in a couple unrelated objects to this, namely the Fuchsia Diamond made up of 32 prims, and also the rook-like Linden build on the Fuchsia sim itself, also numbering 32 prims.

32 sims

Lastly comes the also quite fascinating similarities between the Jeogeot continent, often called the 3rd continent of the SL grid (but which Hucka Doobie, Karoz, and others actually refer to as the 2nd, as they refuse to acknowledge the Atoll continent, or elsewhere Heterocera, as separated from Sansara, the oldest one), and Mãebaleia, the next grid continent to be completed after Jeogeot.

To start, they are almost the exact length measured tip to tip from both a north-south and east-west direction. Furthermore, they “bend” in a contrasting way, almost as if they are different animations of one, living creature, if you follow me. I believe Hucka D. will soon comment on this quality, and state that, indeed, they are two aspects of one thing, a before/after picture once again. A key link in this stunning hypothesis is that both have “moons” at a similar position in respect to each other (both highlighted by red circles in the pictures below), the one of Jeogeot being the same Mos Ainsley sim we’ve been talking about a bit. The parallel, according to Hucka D., for the Mãebaleia continent is a sim simply and unequivocally called “The Moon” itself, a sim already mentioned several times in this blog, in fact.

2nd continent larger the moon

3rd continent larger the moon 180 degrees

* Apparently Mos Ainsley has a bit of a controversial history (!)