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Karoz Goes *Back* to Chilbo May 14, 2009

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Yes, now it was Karoz’s turn to head to Chilbo from the Noru gallery structures, with the subtext being more emotional this go around. As Hucka Doobie has claimed a number of times now to me, Karoz is actually from Greater Chilbo originally, or his parents lived here. I’ve since asked Hucka D. for some clarification on the difference between “past” Chilbo and “present” Chilbo, and he indicated that I look to the signature banners populating its streets and ponder why it is called Chilbo now instead of Chilbol, as in the past when Karoz was apparently first here. So I didn’t have to go inworld to look at an example, since Baker Bloch had taken some close ups of this banner already in his own journey there just prior to Karoz’s initial venture. OK, yeah, I think I know what Hucka D. may be on about here: the “!” at the end of the word “Chilbo” on these banners may be a degenerative version of the very similar letter “l”. Chilbol instead of “Chilbo!”, thus; certainly makes for an interesting theory, since there’s actually a Chilbolton in the real world. Hucka D. further claims the very first name, in turn, of Chilbol was Chilboltown, and even, albeit for just a brief time, Chilbolton itself. Now what interests me most about this theoretical real life resonation between Chilbo and Chibolton is the fact that the English village, in 2001, was the site of one of the most controversial sets of crop circles of all time.

But I better save that for another post and get back to Karoz’s hike.


This is the view south toward Chilbo as Karoz merely turns around in his tracks from his above position. Not much excitement in the landscape yet. That’s a giant bottle of tabasco sauce in front of Karoz here.


Like Baker Bloch before him, Karoz decides to temporarily head west into the empty sim of Meari to avoid the constant ban line interruptions occurring in Mujigae.


But unlike Baker, Karoz first journeys up the sim’s west line to see what Baker possibly missed. He is rewarded for this thoroughness: as pictured, what is labeled a “Chilbo Community Planning Map” was found on an open wall of a small 320 parcel on the west edge of Mujigae, with details of land parcels. Then beside it, a blown up version of the Mujigae sim itself from this source map.


Details of the former. Karoz would be visiting that Oracle Tree near the center of Chilbo very soon, but it would also represent his last sight of the town, as we shall see.


Then heading south through Meari again, Karoz spots some border buildings of Chilbo proper manifesting above the horizon. Admittedly, he gets a tear or two in his eyes at this sight. He knows he is truly back home now. Or so he thinks.


Inside the northwest edge of Chilbo now, Karoz is trying very hard to remember what he is seeing. He has vague sensations, especially of the red brick walkways.


He makes his way to the paved Route 10, as Baker Bloch did before him. He enters an interesting looking establishment to find that he has wandered into a deserted jazz bar. He makes an instant decision to return here when a band is playing.


Then just across the street Koraz finds the giant Oracle Tree mentioned before, although Koraz doesn’t remember its name from the map he saw. Just after he takes this snapshot a small tank rolls down Route 10 from the west with an open gunner visible. The gunner turns his tank slowly toward Karoz. Karoz panics a bit, and walks swiftly around the tree and behind it in order to prevent getting shot. But then everything blacked out. The screen of Karoz’s user’s computer (baker b.’s computer, that is) actually turned white, and had to be rebooted.

In the sudden void-state imposed on him, Karoz came to the realization of something very, very important. This was not the same town he grew up in. This was a different Chilbo!



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