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Jeogeot NE May 14, 2009

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For this mainly nighttime trek, Baker Bloch starts at the new Noru gallery structures, here seen in “artificial” sunset light (it’s actually nightime in regional default mode). I like the contrast in textures between the two galleries, one old and beat up, quite enclosed, and covered in graffiti and nonsensical signs, and the other sleek and colorful and clean and modern with lots of windows. The first is very rectangular as well, the second, higher one very circle oriented. And in a way Esbum’s Missing Piece perched atop the modified slum apt. building kind of bridges the two shapes, having qualities of both.


Anyway, for this trek Baker decided to head into the vast open land that surrounds the Hanja infohub to the northeast of Noru, a full 4 sims worth. And dotted all over, as far as I can tell, with only 1 type of vegetation: a standard Linden fern. Strangely, Karoz is checking behind Baker Bloch and is finding the several ferns of the sim he’s inspecting are incorrectly labeled “trees” instead. He’s going to fly over to another sim to check again — yes, ferns are still trees in another sim he’s now inspecting, and — strangely perhaps — *all* the vegetation he’s checking at the infohub itself is labeled “trees”, including what I know is a cedar tree in the standard library inventory we all receive as new avatars (actually 2 different types), a dogwood from the same, and a tropical plant #2 there also, as well as more “tree” ferns themselves. Oh well, just noting and then moving on…


The 4 sims surrounding the infobhub are not totally flat but instead pleasant, rolling hills, as appears typical of this southernmost of SL continents.


In Rieul to the NW of the infohub, Baker Bloch comes across a nicely designed Zen retreat garden, complete with a pool that reminds Blochs of the ones Baker Blinker created back on Azure Islands, beside and behind and even underneath the old Victorian house there. Baker Bloch realizes he misses those pools.


Before I forget, I just wanted to drop a note to myself in this post to the effect that Karoz has requested that I try to compile a list of all 32 sims filled in by the Moles in 2006 to complete the Jeogeot continent. I’m not exactly sure why he needs this list yet, but could it be connected to the Fuchsia Diamond and its 32 prims — remembering also that the Jack Linden creation on Fuchsia itself is 32 prims? Here I’m remembering that the only thing on Fuchsia besides vegetation, I believe, is the 1 Philip Linden cylinder prim , which Nish indicated was there but which I couldn’t find in my own visit to the sim.

Back to the trek…

Some more marvelous open space several sims to the north of the infohub area, complete with a number of buttes and otherwise rippled hillocks this time.



This was an interesting spot, in [remove name] this time, near Route 10. I can’t tell if this is really good building or quite bad building — most likely the latter — but in any case I luv stuff like this in SL, the outsider art type creations. There’s not even an easy way to get into this house, er, cabin — something. And when I did manage to get inside, the view outside through the large window to the quite square, border-less pool was quite amazing and amusing, what with its many varieties of mostly wooden prims scattered around and inside its borders, along with a car or two. It’s like lego redneck kitsch. Needless to say I made a landmark.:-)


Then continuing down Route 10 in a southwesterly direction, Baker soon comes upon pavement about a sim west of the infohub region. This would be at the top of the Jirisan sim. Continuing down this now paved route for another couple of sims would take him into the heart of Chilbo-land again, but he decided to call it quits for the night. Or his user did.



* This has become possibly a gateway to a deeper mystery, a possible opening back into the erased Chilbol. So I originally removed the picture from this post, now returned.

** 11/06/09 additional note: see here for the story of Cabron, now deleted.


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