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Jeogeot Wanderings, Then Settlings May 13, 2009

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Another view of the beautiful inland sea cliffs Karoz supposedly frequented while growing up near Chilbo. This is from Lordshore, I believe.

I did find out upon further research on Jeogeot, aka the “Southern Continent”, that this inland shoreline was added after the continent was already finished in other ways. In another web site I dug up, it’s called the Korean Channel, supposedly made up of 32 void sims. Wasn’t the Fuchsia Diamond made up of 32 prims? Probably just coincidence.

I was also reminded during this research about the book published in 2006 concerning an expedition to the then new Southern Continent by long of tooth explorers Salazar Jack, Osprey Therian, Loki Pico, Ilianexsi Sojourner and Huns Valen. You can read all about these adventures at Grignano Books (book will be straight in front of you as you walk through the front door), and I plan to include a copy of the book somewhere in my new Noru galleries.

Also in googling term “Southern Continent” with “Second Life”, came upon the Daden Limited web site, and was surprised to find out how close their shop was to mine. Have to check that out very soon; not quite sure what that’s all about yet without further reading.


Moving on to just some landscaping details Baker Bloch decided to take snapshots of, here’s one of a waterfall he found interesting just because it’s a little different textured from most.


Then this nearby *fuchsia* colored building caught his eye as well, given all this Fuchsia Diamond talk lately and how it might be hidden somewhere on the continent. Karoz is presently checking behind Blochs’ trekking and finds that the property is banned. Probably nothing, then.


Nice little pool that Baker decided to take a picture of because of the parrot sitting on the back of the metal bench beside it. Parrots are found in many collages of the 10×10. It’s also mostly a “redbird”, a keyword which has been featured in recent posts on this blog.


Then I thought I’d show a picture of the Victorian house on the 1st of now 2 1024 parcels Baker Bloch rents in Noru. Well, it’s gone, having been replaced by the modified slum apt. that now holds the entire “Where are we on that?” exhibit, a duplicate of the one showing also in Healy at the Chro gallery, then. But as you’ll see, at least I kept the little sidewalk of rocks.


View of same from above. I also kept most of those trees. The new 1024 lot is immediately behind the Victorian house.



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