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Hucka D.’s House (???) & More May 13, 2009

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OK, here’s where it gets a little odder for Baker. The nice Victorian house below, perhaps at least two times as large as his own Countess Victorian house now set up several sims to the northwest, is one that Hucka D. claims he grew up in (!) Baker was of course skeptical of this claim, as Hucka Doobie sometimes says things that turn out not to be exactly true, although never in a malicious way as far as he can tell.


But he became half convinced that Hucka’s pronouncement might have some substance to it when he spied, just across the road, some kind of vehicle, perhaps a bus or van, floating up and up and up toward the full moon. Not the best of snapshots (sorry), but, trust me, it did turn out to be a bus, a school bus but still a bus. Why the significance? Well, Hucka D, as recorded in the Sandbox Experiments, states that he will eventually drive such a flying bus in Second Life, showing mashups to residents at various shows in the metaverse. One such show, at a now deleted treehouse, ( also described in the “Sandbox Experiments”) involved the audiovisual synchronicity “Kansas City Life”, which Hucka D. has explained is actually a metaphor for “Second Life” itself. I’ll leave the details for others to explore, but the presence of the bus here at Hucka D.’s claimed childhood home made Baker Bloch do a double take because of this. For the record, the bus kept reappearing on the ground after disappearing into the sky, only to float up once more toward the heavens. A repeating act.

But back to Hucka Doobie’s claims. The Victorian house from the first snapshot above was owned by his father, acccording to him, a man named Kelley… Kelley the “Bee Man”. And Hucka D. also claims what appears to be the user of Kelley, perhaps also named Kelley, resided or perhaps still resides in Kentucky. No, Hucka D. is now indicating to me that Kelley is dead in RL, and the avatar is no longer in use in SL, thus. Kelley was apparently the banker of Chilbo during his stay there, but as Hucka D. is also indicating to me now, there are actually two Chilbo’s — at least 2 — and that Kelley and Hucka Doobie existed in the one before the present one, or a town actually know as Chilboltown or Chilboltown or Chibolton. Not sure which yet. It makes sense, in a way, that the town’s name would be shortened from Chilbotown or Chilboton (or Chilbolton) to just Chilbo over time. But Hucka D. is claiming, also, that Chilbotown (whatever) was wiped from the grid in 2001, with the then citizens escaping what was the grid prior to the Linden created one through the “moon” of Jeogeot. He’s yet to give many details on this fascinating new development, nor Karoz’s (and Gene Fade’s!) role in it.


Another of the many fine galleries in the area, this one about a sim west of Chilbo proper, in Podul — perhaps still part of the “Greater” Chilbo region as I’ve seen it referred to. This is the Coyote Gallery; again Baker will have to leave a larger exploration for a later time. During his brief visit Baker particularly enjoyed this otherwise empty gallery room complete with phantom entrance and exit.


Then further north, after the sun had risen again (or did Baker Bloch just switch on the mid-day option — can’t remember), Blochs spots this apparently illegal bit of terraforming beyond the +/- 4 meter limit imposed on this continent, he thought (but not parts of Sansara… see here for examples). He must check into how people can sidetrack this limitation.


Finally, we have a rather poor snapshot of a pool in the southeast section of the continent, notable because it is Linden protected and represents quite a deep crater. Some view this house provides from here; Baker feels envious.



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