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“Where Are We On That?” Floor 1: Baker Blinker April 30, 2009

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Baker Blinker 01

Baker Blinker was first photographed for the Baker Blinker Blog in Feb 08 in the Kerchal Forest of the Sansara continent. A planned link between SL and RL was being enacted there, namely between the forest itself and a place called Henry or Baker’s Island off the coast of Cape Breton in Canada.

Baker Blinker 02

Unfortunately in the process, the youngish Ms. Blinker, then only about 1 month old in SL terms, became ensnared by a powerful entity known as Shakenstein, most likely a warped Baker Blinker from a future probable reality. Long story short, the SL-RL link occurred, but at a huge price: time became mixed up, allowing Shakenstein to take over and fuse with Baker Blinker’s body and soul.

Baker Blinker 03

Only after counterpart Baker Bloch was born, resolved his own karma with an “Ancient” (see floor above), and discovered the Okinu glyphs, was Baker Blinker able to free herself from the evil clutches of the Ancients. She did this by expelling the harmful “Moon viruses” infecting her onto the healing glyphs. But traces of the symbiosis would remain — to name one obvious effect, Ms. Blinker would always retain the same white and pink colors as Shakenstein, and even combined in the exact same proportions relative to their respective surfaces. As I said, we have every belief that Shakenstein is a future Baker Blinker, and has locked her onto a particular aberrant course in order to control her destiny. We, as a family, are still working on the problem.

Baker Blinker 04

But Blinks, as we affectionately call her at times, grew use to this curse, and after the move to Azure Islands in April 08, even grew comfortable enough to include a replica of Shakenstein in her first house, calling it her lapdog.

Baker Blinker 05

Baker Blinker changed her appearance only once during her now well over 1 year existence in SL, increasing the length of her formerly cropped hair and doing some other relatively minor cosmetic alterations (such as making her eyes a bit less bulgy). Her hopes were to make herself more appealing to Baker Bloch, who she thought at the time would become a future love muffin.

Baker Blinker 06

Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch only met one time in SL, but it was a significant event for both, especially Ms. Blinker. The cottage they chose to initially meet was unfortunately bewitched — another curse! — causing the two counterparts to fall for each other.

Later The Bakers would understand they are actually two aspects of one user (baker b.), and thus closer than twins. A physical relationship was deemed unnecessary, since they would always be inwardly united.

Baker Blinker 07

After Baker Bloch and Hucka Doobie forged a more successful SL-RL link (see floors above), Baker Blinker was left alone in SL for a spell. She made the best of it, preparing what she hoped would be a small, underwater gallery for Baker Bloch’s art (“Just Call Me Ernie Banks”) that he was beginning to churn out through the effects of this link. This would be in a deep trench in the Cub sim, a 20 meter long, 3 meter wide, quite illegal build that has long since been derezzed. But it still represents the initial gallery of the Baker family that other, future and legal galleries built upon.

Baker Blinker 08

Baker Blinker is the only member of the family to contact their user, baker b., as recorded in this July 08 snapshot from Azure Islands. Here baker b. is mumbling to her something about a mashup called SID’s 1st Oz; frankly she wasn’t that impressed.

Baker Blinker 09

Although Baker Blinker’s role became more subsidiary to Baker Bloch’s after the family move to the Rubi sim on the Atoll continent in Aug 08, she still made some major contributions. An example would be the discovery of this hidden map inside the central Tyle Cube of the Temple of TILE. From it, the family was able to determine that the temple was suppose to reside in the Rubi sim, at least for several months, and that the move back to the mainland from Azure Islands was predestined.

“Holly Blue Holly Blue Holly Blue”

The 9th collage of the Hidalgo series from March-April 08 depicts an idealized self envisioned by Baker Blinker and manifesting, angel-like, before a despondent Baker Bloch still trapped inside RL.

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