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Darkside, 2b April 28, 2009

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I thought I’d introduce this particular post dominated by Beach Mtn. “Temple of the Moon” posts with photos of other Temple of the Moons I found through a google image search of the phrase. The left hand monolith is found in Capitol Reef Nation Park in Utah, specifically in a place called Cathedral Valley. Although I didn’t know of this much larger monolith when coining the same name for the largest rock of Darkside, the resemblance seems rather striking to me.

The right hand picture is a close up of a painting by Roselyne Oneill called “Temple of the Moon”, which to me also bears an interesting resemblance to Darkside’s same named temple.

156529492_dhdgj-l-6 temple-of-the-moon-and-maeshowe-dragon-roselyne-oneill

Then here’s a composite picture of Beach Mtn.’s Temple of the Moon.


From below, the hole called Hobbit Hideout in Hobbit Rock. As Hucka D. stated, the naming of this rock is not quite in line with the strong Oz theme of the others, but I think it will do. I’ll attempt to get a better picture of this “hideout” soon.


The Temple of the Moon rather towering about the trees, as seen from beside Hobbit Rock to the south.


Spring Rock just west of Hobbit Rock, so named because a spring can be usually be heard gurgling at its base, shortly forming the only pool of water known by me to exist in the Darkside bowl.


Temple of the Moon approaching from the south. Hard to get a sense from this photograph how high it actually is.


Looking up through the central crack of the temple. You can see the much lighter top of the temple through the opening.


This was taken from the inner chamber (crack) of the temple, reached from the entrance known as the Doorway to the east.


Another view of the temple again from the north, or the northern rim of the Darkside bowl.


More Darkside pictures soon!


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