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Ichalon Galleries, 3 April 5, 2009

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Ascending the ramp to floor 2, we find the promised map of the gallery mentioned in the intro sign from floor 1.


Fences, transparent on the opposite sides, help guide the visitor through the series in the correct order. This particular fence “blocks off” the 1/2 empty side of floor 2. Of the 6 floors of the ESG, only floors 2 and 5 contain such empty sides, since the series (Rose Hill and Hidalgo respectively) on these floors are made up of 10 collages and not the usual 20.


On floor 4, Baker Bloch stands in front of another provided teleporter, at the beginning/end of the Oblong series.


Since the rest of the ESG looks basically the same as the pictures I’ve already provided, I’ll just skip quickly up to the bottom floor of the new and hopefully improved Temple of TILE and attached gallery. This would be floor 7 of the overall structure, again. In the new tour of the temple, we’ll see many things that might be familiar to loyal blog readers (you know who you are!), but a good amount of what will be new as well. I think it’s worth chronicling in some depth… as I was telling an SL (and RL) friend who likes to visit different versions of my galleries, the space seems considerably larger than all older version of the temple, although the physical volume remains relatively unchanged. I consider it much improved over older versions.


On the bottom floor we find that TILE Mtn. triptych I’ve already mentioned several times in this blog…


On the other side of the temple’s floor 1 from the ESG exit ramp exists the second gallery kiosk in the structure, this one for the Gallery at the Temple of TILE, obviously. As I’ll show in a second, I’ve made that ramp in front of Mr. Bloch here, present in all previous temple versions, a little easier to ascend through some tricks. I’ve also put up a sign with hover text advising ascenders to stay to the right when heading upwards and onwards.

All Edna Million photographs from the lowest floor of the temple are from Herman Park, where the TILE Creek is located. This includes the triptych just pictured.



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