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Ichalon Galleries, 2 April 5, 2009

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Using the teleporter at the ground structure, we can beam into the bottom floor of the Edwardston Station Gallery. I’ve inserted teleporters on every 3rd floor of the overall structure, or floors 1, 4, 7, 10, and 13. The 2 galleries, stacked on top of each other, can be seen as having 13 floors, then, although the actual layout is a little more complex, at least for the top gallery (Gallery at the Temple of TILE).

We begin with floor 1, which is also the lowest floor of the 6 level Edwardston Station Gallery. Here visitors receive a general introduction to the ESG, as you can read for yourself in the snapshot below.


The central courtyard, the newest addition to the ESG, duplicated also in the stand alone Healy version, as we can call it. It really helped the overall aesthetic of the gallery to open this central area up, as the ceilings are quite low in the rest of it.


A look up from the courtyard to the top of this central shaft, 35 meters above…


… and then a look down from near the top of same.


Typical interior views of the remainder of floor 1 of the ESG, containing the entire Greenup series (oldest of the 6 10×10 series), are found below.




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