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Loose Thoughts… Plans… March 19, 2009

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As I mentioned in the post just below this, the Otherland property ownership is now history. I rented another 1024 parcel on the Atoll continent, not too awful far from the Rubi Forest, as a type of instant compensation. Already building there something different, perhaps a new gallery structure to house at least part of the *almost* completed art 10×10.

In rl, didn’t explore BROOK today directly, but walked around part of its rim on a frequently visited side path of Herman Park. This was only about 3 miles from my house, if that. Tomorrow I may visit the actual BROOK.

Perhaps I should bring in Hucka D. again. He’s so entertaining at times. “Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Good idea about using Rydal again for Jasper 09, baker b [like Rydal was used as primary setting for Wheeler 09, come to think of it]. Two Rydals, in fact, the more famous one in England balanced by the less famous one in Georgia. Put the portal on it, either rl or sl. And Baker Bloch again… he likes to be in the collages as well. Maybe Homer Simpson on the tv again, like you had before. Maybe a lemon tree. 2d to 3d, baker b., like in Uli before — speaking of lemon trees.


Will you test the portal again, as you did before?

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) You did good selling the Otherland property. You are more a freelancer now, able to come and go as you please for the most part. Seefeld may be next. Prepare the new gallery… best to have your own structure to house your collages, baker b.


We may have a draft of Jasper 09 to analyze tomorrow night, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Good. Portal, then, would be next. Look to see when it happened last year. I believe it was around March 21st. What’s today… the 19th.


Saturday, then. I feel better now that I’ve sold the Otherland parcel.

Hucka D.:

More unencumbered. Freer. Good to do.


I’ve been thinking about opening, in the not too distant future, a totally different kind of gallery, Hucka D. “Something to CHRO about”. Will house new chromagraphic work and other hard edge art I produce, perhaps.

Hucka D.:

How exciting. Will this be at Yapland, then?


Could very well be. The collages will be moved into the new gallery to make room for the chromagraphic works. Can do these, as well, on the home computer… need to start doing that.

Hucka D.:

Yes. So much is in your immediate future, baker b. You will be surprised… again!


Thank you.


Changes… Leaps…

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Baker Bloch is becoming convinced that the refound portal in Bar Harbor will soon lead to another sl-to-rl conversion for him, like what happened in Uli almost precisely one year ago, thanks in large to Hucka D. (who went through the portal just before him). And through me, baker b., Baker Bloch knows where this particular portal leads to, or he’s pretty sure. This would be what I believe I called Portal #1 on RIVER. More very soon on that…



Yes, I gave up the Otherland parcel just last night. This was a goodbye picture to the bay, then… another bay.


As direct and instant compensation I found this 1024 parcel in Aplasta to rent. Already building something new there… again: description soon. 🙂