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Stephen Galleries Updates (2) March 8, 2009

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Since I’m chatting about gallery/temple updates, thought I’d mention that the space remaining for the art or collage 10×10 is quickly being filled up. I’m pretty sure I can fit all of the remaining collages into the East Wing before you reach the Charleston Fountain area, which Baker Bloch stands just to the north of in the below snapshot.


Planned location for the 10th and final collage for the Jasper series, which will also be the final of the 10×10 as a whole (!). The collage currently hanging here is the animation twin of that future collage, slated to be finished by about March 23rd or so.


In other Otherland news on a personal level, Stephen now has other occupants, 3 to be exact. Just like that, they all swooped in and bought land. However, all are clustered more or less around the opposite corner of the sim from where I am, so my spectacular view of the bay and surrounding woods still stands unblemished, at least at the time of this writing. Interesting to see, for sure, if others move in, and occupy directly adjacent land to my own. I won’t like it, but having neighbors will have certain advantages as well. Maybe. Anyway, I’m still enjoying the unspoiled view for now. 🙂


Then a picture of the gallery exterior from the front, showing the relationship of the new subway sub-level to the stuff higher up. I think it works great; I especially like how the direction of the Arab crosses the main tunnel of the subway now, making a cross such as existed between the same two elements in the old Rubi gallery/temple complex.



Stephen Galleries Updates (1)

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Added directional arrow to bottom of spiral ramp on ground floor. Hover text instructs visitors and would be climbers of this spiral ramp to keep right and jump when needed. Don’t know why I haven’t added something like this earlier.


But to the main clump of additions: I was able to create a completely new sub-level to the gallery, once again using Arcadia Asylum’s ever so nifty Metro Subway set, as I did before in Rubi and also Azure Islands (original stay). Rl wife says she was glad to see it return. In the latest incarnation of this subway, we have a 60 meter tunnel w/ two entrances, both from the west. The entrances come at, north-to-south-, the 10-20 meter span and 40-50 meter span. Then behind the rail we have these two entrances connected to each other through 8 merged bathroom areas, 2 formerly occupying each 10 meter span.

Then I had to considerably shorten the original top of the escalator entrance to the subway — actually took out all the moving parts — to fit it into this space properly, it seems. The entrance is between the also newly inserted Edwardston Station Gallery upright sign, and the Edwardston Station notecard (right yellow object) in the below shot.



Baker Bloch at the bottom of the old escalator, taking in the familiar space. The teleporter for this area (one of 9 now available in the gallery/temple, if one includes Baker’s Shack/Ground) is just in front of the escalator here.


A look down the area containing the merged bathrooms. Since this shot, I’ve put reinstated part of two walls to separate the space into 3 rooms, essentially.


Tunnel from the north end looking south.


Baker Bloch looking back up at the entrance to the subway.


I should also add that I’ve moved all of the Edwardston related photos Wilsonia Foxclaw is examining in this post, and created about a month ago, to the subway area, just around and then in the room behind the escalator. Presently, that’s the only pictures in the subway, although there’s space for considerably more.