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Rookwood (Corsica Island) March 2, 2009

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Rookwood is one of the added sims to the new and enlarged Corsica Island on the north side of the Corsica continent. It’s grown over twice the size of its original version, the one I visited last fall and recorded in this post. The intentions seem to be to make at least part of it some sort of Linden memorial, but don’t know the details of that yet.

The name Rookwood for one of the new sims struck me, since in the latest collage, partially inspired by the BBC story covering a lost raven in the Newborough Forest/Warren, I inserted the image of a rook in this forest. Thus the forest in the collage is literally “rook-wood”, especially since this Jasper the Crow/Raven/Rook seems to be a guiding spirit for the same named series “Doorpick” is a part of.

Unfortunately, access to the island is currently blocked, but through the magic of the disable camera option, combined with a long draw distance, I was able to take a couple of photos of Rookwood anyway, which lay on the opposite side of the island (north) from where the restricted zone begins. It is also the greenest of the island sims now, but, to my disappointment, this was not because of the presence of a forest. Mere “grass”, instead.

But this struck me mainly because the Newborough Forest, the forest I just inserted a rook into in “Doorpick”, is primarily composed of thickly planted *Corsican* pine, the same type of tree density, actually, I’ve only found in SL on the *original Corsica Island*. You have to admit it is an interesting little tangle of “coincidences.” Anyway, I think personally this is my next lead for continuing the series beyond “Doorpick” and into the 3rd collage, which I’ve yet to really start. I believe, especially now, that the scene may once again be the Newborough Forest in Wales, as the rook leads me further into what might be the heart of these woods.

Below is the picture of the Rookwood sim (green square) as it stands today.


Here we have the only vegetation I could find presently on the island, at the corner of Rookwood, Toowong, Linden Memorial Park, and Monument.*


* Since the Rookwood sim is at least adjacent to the planned Linden Memorial Park, if not part of the park itself, I thought I’d mention that all the convoluted events within the then-popular 19th Century novel Rookwood by William Harrison Ainsworth, are set in motion by the fall of a *linden* tree branch (equals lime tree in US terms). Check here.


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