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“Nonsectarian… ant”(2) February 26, 2009

“Hucka D., hopefully I can finish Jasper 01 tomorrow. Haven’t even got a name for it yet.”

Hucka D.:

Try now.


How bout… “Across The Bay”. No, that doesn’t quite hack it. Do you want to try more of an interpretation tonight?

Hucka D.:

Yes… rather quickly. You found this island, Llanddwyn, through the wikipedia article on the mineral jasper. On the currently ending sentence of the entry, Llanddwyn Island is mentioned has having examples of what is called “healed, fragmented rock” that “produces brecciated (broken) jasper”. So, bread crumb trail like, again, you were led to the island. The collage doesn’t really give a clear picture of the jasper on the island — perhaps you can rectify that in a future collage or 2, but the trail is clear enough. What now, that you’re on Llanddwyn Island, though? Well, now you head into the woods to the north and off the island, into Newborough Warren containing those densely planted Corsican pines.


Very similarly packed, in fact, to the pine forest I found on the what I though was called Corsica Island at first, but turned out to be the name for the inclusive continent. That forest is gone Hucka D., by the by.

Hucka D.:

Not surprisingly. Few forests seem to stay intact long in SL any more.


Interesting also that there was a BBC program about the *ravens* in Newborough Warren, Hucka D. Do you think our Jasper The Crow or perhaps Jasper The Rook or Raven comes from this place?

Hucka D.:

Well… let’s ask. Briefly again.

Jasper The Raven:

I am. I did. I left. I here.


Hello Jasper. You are leading us down a breadcrumb trail, no?

Jasper The Raven:

Yes. No.


Jasper The Raven/Rook/Crow, I believe that the forest represents a place beyond SL, which may be the same as Lllanddwyn Island. Beyond the mainlands and also all the little satellite estates, like Otherland and also Azure Islands. The two Edwardston Station Galleries on the mainlands…

Hucka D. (jumping in):

Again: there’s only one.


Sorry. The *split* ESG mainland gallery… anyway, the island is Sansara, but also all mainlands. Jasper?

Hucka D.:

He flew away. You were too windy for him tonight. Plus you need to get more sleep. The forest is a magical place. Go there.


Thank you.


“Hucka D., in looking up links on Sansara, this one came up near the top — and mentioning my *other* Sansara landlord currently. And also the very nice creator of the Seefeld tower.

Hucka D.:

The bed is that way.


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