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Wilsonia Visits Gallery, Takes Pictures of Updates (2) February 6, 2009

Filed under: Gallery at the Temple of TILE (Stephen) — baker Blinker @ 9:12 am

So let’s take a closer look at the inserted Arab now. Wilsonia is on the deck at the front of the ship. The entire superstructure of the ship was deleted because of prim limitations mentioned before. Nice view of the sky forest can be had from here.


This deck is most easily reached from the 3rd floor of the West Wing. In looking through a provided window on this floor just opposite the deck, Wilsonia spies the other side of the ship, but she can’t reach it from here.


Wilsonia decides to pop through the hole in the front deck, complete with ladder. She descends to an area very reminiscent of Esbum’s room inside The Arab back in Rubi.


She finds another entrance to the ship’s open interior missed in ascending the ramp to the 3rd floor. This would be just to the side of that ramp, still on the second floor. Maybe she was taking one of those regular, large swigs of her coffee when passing this area before. 🙂


A nice view of the gallery on either side of The Arab is found at this old table.


Wilsonia finds that the back side of The Arab opens into this otherwise “hidden” floor of the central part of the temple, just above the main floor. Another really nice bonus for sliding this large ship into the temple at this placement. Wilsonia is also surprised that such a large ship doesn’t intrude on any of the art on this floor, nor the art in the East Wing on the other side. A perfect fit, seemingly, but at a prim cost. I think it was worth it, though.


Wilsonia now stands on the back deck of the ship. I’ve since opened up the floor a bit here so that you can see up to this deck from the ground floor just below.



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