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Hiking OI1, Southeast 2 January 29, 2009

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Continuing from Hiking OI1, Southeast 1, then. Interesting chromatically colored house — *starkly* chromatic — just beyond the unicorn mentioned at the end of that last post. Perhaps important to note that although the outside is basically colored red, the interiors of each floor are painted in all the 4 TILE colors. The walls of the 3 floors of the house, from top to bottom, are singly painted red, blue, and yellow. In addition, the stairs connecting these 3 levels are painted green. All very bright and very chromatic, again, just like the colors of TILE are suppose to be. I’ll keep this house in the back of my mind, then, when writing about TILE in the future, especially considering various SL manifestations of the game/philosophy/religion.


Just beyond the garishly colored house Baker Bloch comes across this burning car and thrown passenger. Noobs, eh? Always into trouble. 🙂


We’re now at the very, very southeast tip of the whole Otherland Island #1, particularly marked by the islet pictured here which appears to be somewhat less that 10 meters long and totally devoid of objects. This would be in Fredericks, actually.


Moving west along the southern coastline, quickly leaving behind Fredericks and entering Gardiner, Blochs soon comes across this high speed, more darkly colored waterfall.


In climbing the bank here in an attempt to find the source of the water in the falls, Baker Bloch is greeted by the sight of a quite large, similarly dark body of water. In again checking behind Baker today, Wilsonia Foxclaw is finding that this entire lake, and also the waterfall, is part of one parcel, thus seeming to negate the legitimacy of a true Otherlander stream. That is, although the water level drops in this “stream’, no part is protected by the Otherlander group, and no part is shared by more than one parcel. In other words, all this could go away in the blink of an eye, as they say, if the owner of the parcel decides to pull up the stakes and move elsewhere. No, I won’t get attached, then, to this particular waterway, however pretty it might be. Interesting how much darker it is than the “regular’ water of Otherlander. But this should have been a tip-off for Baker at the time that this was an unofficial waterfall. Something to remember in the future!


Interesting, large rock beside the darkly colored pond or lake. And there’s another little choo choo (!), although this one wasn’t operating at the time of Baker’s visit (and still isn’t during Wilsonia’s current visit, although Wilsonia has found a cobweb fronted tunnel that the train track passes through Baker missed).



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