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Hiking OI1, Southeast 1 January 29, 2009

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Baker’s heads south and then east tonight, in an attempt to cover more the southeast corner of Otherland Island #1. He hasn’t been disappointed with any sim of the island visited yet, and he isn’t tonight as well. Lovely landscape, and I agree with others that it may be the most beautiful estate in SL. But I could also be a little prejudiced because I’m an Otherlander myself now.:)

Along the east side of the otherwise thickly forested Stephen sim (most of which, however, is up for sale), there’s this swathe of unforested land, bordering Irene. Baker decides to head down this swathe in order to more quickly reach the se part of the island. Note the “manor house” to Baker’s left here, already mentioned in this earlier blog post.

I should also add that Baker has just walked around the sides of the mountain just above his cabin, already seen in this earlier, Stephen related post, compared, at the time to the somewhat nearby “Beehive’s Nest” or “Pithlit Mountain”, with basically the same elevation.


Traveling this swathe, Baker quickly reaches the Upper Falls on the southern border of Irene visited the night before, I believe. Here he’s already on the other side of the falls in Thargor, having traversed the stream at its top over that wooden bridge again.


Another, seemingly identical wooden bridge is found a little further to the south in Thargor. In checking behind Baker Bloch, Wilsonia Foxclaw (yes, Baker Bloch has yet another new checker!) finds that the bridge is at the bottom end of a quite interesting, approx. 100 meter long protected path, called the Thagor Path in the description, whose northern end commands a great vantage point of the Upper Falls. In the snapshot below, Blochs is sitting in a park-like area immediately to the east of the path, whose most interesting feature, among a number of ’em, might be this little 2 car choo choo train and accompanying track.


If not, it might be this colorfully lighted gazebo-like structure, called the Radland Tranquility House, complete with an upstairs patio and side-long aquarium, as Wilsonia F. just found out. Nifty! Baker Bloch (and Wilsonia, for that matter) will certainly be returning to this place sometime soon.


Then as he’s about to leave the park, Baker sees these flashing lights in the sky, which continue until he moves away. He thinks again: is it possible for ghosts and ufos to exist in a virtual reality? He doesn’t think that’s the case in this particular instance — scripts are probably to blame. Yet it reminds him to keep the idea of unexplainable phenomenon in the back of his head as he continues to explore SL. Certainly some odd things have happened already, although nothing totally unexplainable, such as — I don’t know — teleportation to a totally different dimension apart from SL through a portal. Oh wait: suppose that might have happened as well already. Maybe.


Another odd object found floating in the sky near the park. Looks like an irregularly shaped pane of glass (?)


Then this giant faucet, which is actually less mysterious to Baker Bloch, although he still desires to know the story of its manifestation, if there is one.


Then just inland from the faucet is positioned these several objects, including a framed hammer with the word “Erlanger” engraven on its wooden handle. And there’s actually another piano (white one) just to the north of the one pictured here. Why 2 pianos? Are these some kind of remains of an otherwise derezzed house? Or is there another, more mysterious story behind this hodgepodge collection (including the giant faucet)?


Baker keeps moving down the side of the waterway here, which, yes, is an official waterway of Otherland Island #1 in my estimation, since there is a protected elevation drop along its course (not explored that night, though). Since the source is in Thargor, we’ll call it the Thargor Waterway, in line with the coining of the Irene Waterway and Verloren Waterway before it. In quickly checking my map, we have several more official waterways to yet name and explore on Otherland Island #1, and even a couple on Otherland Island #3, for that matter.

Nice blue flowers and circle of ‘shrooms here. Just to the south, on the same parcel, Baker also encounters a red horned, red eyed, black coated unicorn drinking from a side pool (not pictured).


Looking back at the giant faucet from shoreline further south.


Hiking OI1, Southeast 2


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