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“Wilsonia Driver” January 26, 2009

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“Hucka D., should we attempt an interpretation of “Wilsonia Driver” at this time?”

Hucka D.:

Sure, why not.


Let’s start with the blind sewing woman, then. She is operating a Wheeler-Wilson sewing machine, circa, er, 1873.

Hucka D.:

She is blind *and* mute. But continue…


But then in front of her is another Wheeler-Wilson machine, of a slightly later date, it seems (c.1892). Is this time travel, then?

Hucka D.:

Let me speak a spell, perhaps. The blind mute appears to be driving the second, later Wilson Wheeler machine, somehow. There’s a “steering wheel”. Wheeler implied again, perhaps. Car. The Wheelers of the Return to Oz movie (and, by implication, SID’s 1st Oz) were half men, half cars. Perhaps they were men who loved their cars so much they became one and the same?



Hucka D.:

Anyway, the blind mute is, in another way — relating this to SID’s 1st Oz through Return to Oz — Helen Keller, who was born near the Wilson Dam, in turn, near the Wheeler Dam. Time was reversed in this place: the conjunction of Wheeler and Wilson. This is about time travel, then, true enough.


Yet this also relates to the African-American author Wilsonia Driver. And also the Wilsonia plant, also present in this picture [green mat of plants in backing landscape]. It’s rather complicated… more than the 1st collage of the Wheeler series.

Hucka D.:

True enough. I’m not sure the blind mute operating or “driving” the two Wilson-Wheeler machines is a symbol of Wilsonia in this way, but the parasite plant, what’s called, I believe, the Golden Dodder. The Golden Dodder is within or makes up the yellow ring surrounding the already, um, predatored Wilsonia [Backhousia] within. But the living or unviolated Wilsonia still lies all around; the sewing machine, the outer one, in this way, represents the Golden Dodder, the working edge of the parasite ring. Soon that Wilsonia will also act as a host to the vampiric Dodder. The sewing needle is positioned on the working edge of the ring, then. This is where Dodder (yellow) begins or continues to invade Wilsonia (Green). Remember that Wilsonia [Foxclaw] stated she or he was “Green” in that last post here. You must think about all these things.


The blind/mute woman is so because she is blind to her vampiric [parasitic] quality. It’s the only way of living she knows. She is blind to the bad she is causing the surrounding Wilsonia [already mostly dead in the center of the ring where the Dodder has worked its way out from]. What about the giant tree, then?

Hucka D.:

Another Wilsonia symbol, obviously, since it is the General Grant Redwood located in or near Wilsonia, California. (pause) Another threatened plant, but very large in this case as opposed to the very small. Large and small both are threatened.*


There’s something quite odd and mysterious about the central figure and her actions with the sewing machines.

Hucka D.:

It’s like a black hole. Forward and reverse at once.

(to be continued?)

* This interpretation is reinforced by the huge burn mark on General Grant’s trunk (as also seen in the collage), significantly reducing its base circumference.


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