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Hiking OI1, East 2 January 26, 2009

Filed under: Otherland Island #1 — baker Blinker @ 8:39 am

Baker Bloch continues east beyond the Irene sim, hiking around the south side of the mountain range separating Irene and Zell. Here Blocks is rather precariously balanced almost on the edged border of Zell and the sim of Salome to the south. He stares at a structure he’s run across once before in his explorations: what appears to be an empty, perhaps unfinished wooden structure. It almost looks like a multi-leveled dock of some kind, and perhaps that’s what it was intended to be. Whatever the case, there’s absolutely no interior furniture or decoration of any kind. Also the parcel it sits on has only about 1/6th the allowed prims… anyway, I’ve speculated long enough on the mystery, and don’t want to dig any further into perhaps what is someone’s private affairs.



The Zell sim is centered by yet another large lake, as are a number of Otherland Island #1 sims — Irene and Hain immediately spring to mind. Blochs is thinking like me here: there needs to be more vegetation around the essentially bare shoreline of the lake. But otherwise the view of the huge mountain range ringing the backside of the lake is really quite stunning. Baker decides to save a full exploration of this lake until later to continue is trek toward the sea.



Another large waterfall is found at the outlet of the Zell Lake, which Baker only views from afar. He’s now on a peninsula jutting into the Otherland sea itself on the east side of Otherland Island #1. This is in the Kapron sim.


Baker stands on the extreme east edge of the island now, staring at a satellite island just ahead.



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