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Chat… January 22, 2009

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“You must find Wheeler in the forest.”


Hello yourself Hucka D.!

Hucka D.:

Right, hello. Hello! Now to Wheeler you must go…


Vision quest?

Hucka D.:

Yes. To find Wheeler.


Should we resurrect Esbum, Hucka D.? Edna was very disappointed to learn I’d cancelled her SL account.

Hucka D.:

Let’s stick to Wheeler.


I’m thinking: waterfall.

Hucka D.:

In the woods.



Hucka D.:

Ben Wheeler.


New Plants, Map

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When island hopping last night, Baker Bloch came across a one prim tree creation he so liked that he decided to search the creator’s profile, one Jubjub Forder, to see if there was a place where he could buy some like this. Turns out there was, called GARDEN WORLD. Amazingly he found a considerable number of 1 prim plants and trees, will full permissions except transfer, for *20* lindens apiece. That’s two big advantages for these plants: low price *and* low prim count, as low as you can get. And it’s not a bad looking product at all, either. So Blochs sort of went crazy buying stuff right and left, then teleporting over to the gallery Sky Forest to see how much of the new stuff would fit in there.

This two prim palm tree (cost: 25 lindens), the only non-1 prim plant Baker Bloch bought at GARDEN WORLD last night, seemed to slot in nicely into a couple of spots within the Sky Forest, but ultimately Blochs decided to put it in one of those formerly empty front spaces of the temple. Above it, in another formerly empty balcony area (name?) is a, hmmm, “Giant Sequoia”? Seems to be a naming mistake for the product’s description.


A “Mediterranean Fan Palm” and “Common Hawthorne” seemed to fit in here…


…some bamboo and a quite shaggy but still pretty “Weeping Willow” here…


…and a “Montpelier Maple” here.


Just wanted to give a promotion for this guy. Apparently you *can* be a non-Linden and make pretty nice looking trees and plants using only a single prim. The Lindens shouldn’t be the only ones dolling out such useful products like this.

Another recent addition to the temple is this framed map of Otherland Island #1 that Baker Bloch’s been so enamored of lately. Since it is also his home, I can’t help but think the relationship is all for the good. Baker’s already given a lot but the island always gives back in spades. So beautiful and interesting.



After adding the new plants to the Sky Forest and gallery/temple, Blochs heads back down to the fishing shack, but he knows he can’t touch the plants here… yet. It just doesn’t seem the right thing to do.


Don’t you agree?



Hiking OI1, East 1

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Arguably, this may be the most magical start to a hike near The Bakers’ Shack. We walk toward the windmill again, as in the earlier hike heading north to follow the Verloren Waterway,* but this time keeping a straight course past this windmill. Our goal is to hit the start of the ridge dividing the Verloren sim from the Irene sim. This ridge is the most likely place to identify as the geographic and also geomantic center of the whole island, in my estimation. One could argue that the castle at the center of the Verloren sim not far to the north would act better as such a center, but if you look at a map of Otherland Island #1, you’ll perhaps agree with me that it seems a little north of center physically. Also the ridge in question divides the two major waterways of the island, or what I’m now calling the Verloren Waterway and the Irene Waterway (source equals the protected waterfall in Irene described in this earlier hiking related post).


First things first, though. I thought I’d provide a picture of the concrete (dirt?) walkway that starts at the windmill and then follows the edge of the moat past an inn called the Ludwig Inn to a shop named EXAKT, which is the “Flagship store on Verloren”, according to the description of the parcel of land it sits on. I plan to create a special series on the Verloren sim (unclear here, to me, whether “Verloren” in this parcel description refers just to the sim itself, or perhaps the whole island, if it is, unbeknownst to me, actually called Verloren as a whole?), so I’m going to leave these structures alone for now and focus on the aforementioned central ridge.










* I’ve decided to name each of the major waterways of Otherland Island #1 after the sim where their source is located in. More later!