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Forest *GONE*! January 17, 2009

Filed under: Azure Island #1 — baker Blinker @ 5:16 pm

First another shot from newly discovered Pluto/Moon of SL, showing a wave mysteriously “crashing” quite a ways inland away from the actual water. We think it has something to do with the interaction of the two trees here… pretty sure of it. BUT… well, first things first…


Beamed over to the Neith temple, which I was still emptying out at the time, and to my utter amazement the forest in the neighboring sim of Pictor had been essentially removed!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. This the same forest that I tried to extend on the ground through my properties. Erased… just like that. I did find out, from the horse’s mouth, what has supposedly happened. AI management claims that they couldn’t support the prims on the Pictor sim because of the new openspace or void sim rules, which feature a huge jump in both upfront and monthly fees. If you’ve been involved in SL very much in the last several months I’m sure you’ve heard about this, because it’s caused a sort of mini-revolution. Me?: I try to keep out of the political and economic matters of SL, just because I feel rather stupid talking about such issues. I’d rather chat about art, creativity, and exploration. But on the other hand, this has now directly impacted my ability to create and explore. 😦

These are sad pictures to me. I thought this land and forest would be perpetually protected, or at least until Azure Islands and/or Second Life went away.



So there’s no going back to the Neith properties, at least until this situation is rectified. And, really, Azure Islands as a whole. This is a BLOW. Unconciously, though, I must have seen it coming, because I was quite happy to move there and then, on just a whim, I decided to pull up stakes and head to Otherland. But… how will Otherland be affected as well?


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