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Forest *GONE*! January 17, 2009

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First another shot from newly discovered Pluto/Moon of SL, showing a wave mysteriously “crashing” quite a ways inland away from the actual water. We think it has something to do with the interaction of the two trees here… pretty sure of it. BUT… well, first things first…


Beamed over to the Neith temple, which I was still emptying out at the time, and to my utter amazement the forest in the neighboring sim of Pictor had been essentially removed!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. This the same forest that I tried to extend on the ground through my properties. Erased… just like that. I did find out, from the horse’s mouth, what has supposedly happened. AI management claims that they couldn’t support the prims on the Pictor sim because of the new openspace or void sim rules, which feature a huge jump in both upfront and monthly fees. If you’ve been involved in SL very much in the last several months I’m sure you’ve heard about this, because it’s caused a sort of mini-revolution. Me?: I try to keep out of the political and economic matters of SL, just because I feel rather stupid talking about such issues. I’d rather chat about art, creativity, and exploration. But on the other hand, this has now directly impacted my ability to create and explore. 😦

These are sad pictures to me. I thought this land and forest would be perpetually protected, or at least until Azure Islands and/or Second Life went away.



So there’s no going back to the Neith properties, at least until this situation is rectified. And, really, Azure Islands as a whole. This is a BLOW. Unconciously, though, I must have seen it coming, because I was quite happy to move there and then, on just a whim, I decided to pull up stakes and head to Otherland. But… how will Otherland be affected as well?


Hiking OI1 North, 3 *And* 1st Wide Shots of “The Moon”

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Awww, some poor wittle kitty lost its toy. Wonder how it got way out here in the middle of the strait separating Ehrwang and Waltenhofer?


Those are some strange looking dogs. Wait… description says they’re lambs not dogs. So I suppose not so weird looking, then. 🙂


Someone forgot to take their Xmas decorations down! Oh well, I’m one to speak.


So moving from Otherland to Other Land, namely The Moon/Pluto, we have some *final* snapshots from that location below. That’s right, just like the Pictor Forest on Azure Islands (a much greater tragedy to me, mind you), this island-planet has disappeared overnight, along with the purse, the knoll, the trees, everything on it. Also the mysterious Hilo-like peak underneath the water just to its west. But, I just remembered, Baker Bloch has kind of the equivalent to a potential black box, because he hid a visitor’s counter within the purse several days ago, which was returned to his Lost and Found folder when the island/planet was deleted as a whole. He goes to his land and manifests the counter, but no new names appear on the list. Whoever deleted the landmass, they did it by “remote control”. But the bottom line is: it’s gone. Whatever mysteries remained to be unraveled there have, Atlantis-like (once again), passed underneath the waves.

So what did we figure out from our time spent there? I believe it all centers around the purse now, the gypsy purse, and the relationship between it and the grassy knoll sitting close behind it to the south. The other items probably do not really matter that much, or, better, just act as supporting objects to these two. At least that’s what I’ll say to make me feel better at this point!

In reviewing the snapshots below to generate blog text here about them, I think the second is the most important. I’ll just skip the first, then, or let it stand as is. Make what you want of it in respect to the second (the top of the purse can just be seen behind and between the 3 perfume bottles).


In this seemingly more significant second snapshot we have 2 of the four poseballs on the island/planet directly superimposed on the 2 trees in the distance. Again, save for some grass, the 2 trees are the only “living” — *were* the only living objects on the landmass. When the poseballs, 1 male and 1 female, are superimposed on the trunks in this way, we effect a close conjunction, then, of knoll and purse more in the foreground. These poseballs are also positioned, according to the camera viewpoint, so that they appear to sit on top of the knoll as best as possible. Notice there are four poseballs altogether, making a rough east-to-west line with each other. But the right two are what concern us more here, because the right blue poseball I believe represents the grassy knoll it sits directly on top of. The left tree in the background, the one whose trunk the right blue ball is collaged onto, seems to grow directly from the center of the knoll from this angle, and, likewise, the right tree, with the complementary pink ball, stands directly above the gypsy purse from this angle. To me, this reinforces, pretty effectively actually, the male-female relationship between the purse and knoll, just like Gypsy Purse and Grassy Noll form a type of male-female partnership in the Toy Avatar world.


I don’t think this particular snapshot means as much as the second one either. It merely shows Baker Bloch, in a concavity on the island near the knoll, appearing to be inside the purse (much like I earlier actually hid the visitor’s counter inside this same purse). But, again, I’ll include it just because there won’t certainly won’t be any more pictures coming from that location. 😦



Hiking, OI1 North, 2,

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Baker Bloch is now at another lake on the same waterway leading from the Verloren sim, a little north of the lake reviewed in the last post of this series. In fact, the two lakes could be considered part of one lake, since there seems to be no water flow in the connecting channel between the two. But this is probably the case for most of what I’m calling “waterways” in the Otherland region. Yes, in checking behind Bake Bloch again, Baker Blinker has now reviewed from mouth to “source”, and discovered that the body of water contains no elevation change after the waterfall shared between Verloren and Schwangau. That is, the water within remains at a constant 20 meter level up to its “mouth” at the north end of Otherland Island #1. But let’s call it a waterway anyhoot, as, like I said, I believe the situation will be the same with all waterways of this island. I’ll be sure to let the reader know if there are any exceptions to this rule — that the water level only changes at waterfalls.

The masculine Baker stands at one of those curious “Otherland Under Construction” boards… or bars. Another is positioned about 25 meters uphill, and perpendicular to the one nearer the water. But there seems to be no construction going on here in the least. Perhaps this is a place earmarked for another waterfall in the near future — dunno; just a guess.


Interesting looking, old house at the north end of the same lake, just across the water from the construction boards/bars. Created by a Julia Hathor, and thus was probably purchased at her 4 sim “Creative Fantasy Home and Garden” complex. Have to check that place out soon.


Curiously this pretty little patch of colorful, sculpted trees has been deleted since Blochs’ hike a week ago. Oh yeah, this is SL: probably not so curious, right?


Then Baker Bloch reaches the “mouth” of the water course a little beyond the lake. Actually, in again checking Baker’s facts, Baker Blinker believes that the second lake, the one I’ve been writing about in this post since its beginning, can be said to extend to the SL sea itself to finish off the entire waterway. There is a slight narrowing of the water channel here, but not nearly as pronouced between lake #1 and lake #2. So Baker Blinker would perhaps argue the fact that there are only 2 lakes present on down from the castle moat representing their mutual source.


Ummmmmm… fishing! Baker Bloch is tempted but decides he needs to move on. It’s a fairly long walk back to the shack already.


Beside a cute, small cottage near the mouth of the waterway, Blochs stares out at the SL sea and the void beyond.



Hiking, OI1 North, 1. I

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This windmill in the southeast corner of Verloren is just a stone’s throw from my property in Stephen. It makes a good landmark for most of my home based explorations heading north and west.

This time we’re heading north after reacing the windmill, to skirt the moat in the Verloren sim that encircles Castle Verloren. The moat is almost as big around as the sim itself, which tells you that the edge furtherest from the castle is never very far from the Verloren sim border.


Back of the great castle itself viewed from just beyond the moat to the west. We’ll tackle it in a separate series of posts another time. I promise.


The cottage of the caretaker of the castle stands in the northwest corner of Verloren, almost directly north of the windmill in the southwest corner of same.


The moat then drains into a creek flowing northward, starting with this pretty little waterfall, once more protected by the Otherland Building group, a 256 square meter parcel this time. I should also mention, because I don’t think I have yet in this blog, that the entire sim of Verloren, and thus the inclusive castle and grounds, represents protected land as well. The waterfall pictured below lies on the border of Verloren and the sim to the North, called Schwangau, which probably takes its name from a Bavarian tourist village near the German-Swiss border. The next several photographs of this post show additional scenes from this sim…


…including this one, depicting a considerably smaller, privately owned castle near the border of Horn. Baker was interested in the fact that the castle was built directly into the granite of the ridge separating Schwangau and Horn.


Following the ridge past the small castle, Blochs comes upon another of the many lakes on the island, with this one being a little larger than the one I’ll be reviewing in the next Otherland Island #1 related hiking post, in Irene. Although slightly larger, this lake doesn’t contain as many interesting islands and bays as the Irene lake. In fact, it has no islands atall as far as Blinks (checking behind Baker Bloch once more) can tell. Perhaps the most interesting surface fact about this lake is that it represents a chain along the longest waterway of the entire island, starting with the circular moat of Verloren surround Castle Verloren and grounds, then continuing over the waterfall pictured just above and then flowing into this lake.