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Temple of Neith — there are *2* of ’em (!) January 15, 2009

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“Hucka D., we need to talk if you don’t mind.”

Hucka D.:

We sure do.


I’ll just ask it directly. Do I need to keep the Ubertemple of TILE at the Neith sim?

Hucka D.:

Bluntly: no.


Alright, I’ll accept that for now. I don’t have anything to put into it anyway. The only thing I’m thinking is blog pictures. Should I turn over the caretaking to another individual?

Hucka D.:

Er, no.


Hucka D., you *made* this thing. It’s different — larger — than the Otherland temple. It’s a bit unique, then. Built for the property, as we — you — did with B_Hivia on Gliese 1 and then the original or old Temple of TILE on Gliese 2. (pause). Hucka D., you still there?

Hucka D.:

No. (laughs)


I think I have to keep that property.

Hucka D.:

Ok. But: no. I built it as you said. I can say that safely. Go to Otherland. Other. New mythology. Azure Islands is not supported now. Not really. Otherland: owners are proactive. They’ll protect the builds there. But, yeah, you’ve found the center of your fascination with Azure Islands. But you know this means *I* am Neith as well, since he/she took the form of a bee to build his/her temple. What’s in the temple, then?


Atlantean stuff.* Knowledge. Akashic records.

Hucka D.:

You need to go back to Nautilus City, aka Nautilus Island. [whatever]


There are several islands involved: Azure I.#1 but also #2. Otherland I.#1, Burning Life Island, as a matter of fact, and then, obviously, NC/NI. All are in the same ballpark as far as size goes, with AI#1 the largest and AI#2 probably the smallest.

Hucka D.:

Have fun!



* The Temple of Neith-Atlantis connection is summarized in FAQ under the question, “Where was the city of Sais?”


Loose Thoughts, Then Chatting?

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So… the Ubertemple is still on Azure Islands and always will be attached to those islands. But essentially I’ve rebuilt this same Ubertemple in Otherland, and decided to revert its name back to the Temple of TILE, or perhaps the New Temple of TILE. Or I could just call the former Temple of TILE the*old* Temple of TILE. Yeah, I think I’ll do that. But I’ll get to a new series of posts explaining the changes between the Azure I. Ubertemple and the “New” Temple of TILE very soon. Not tonight probably, though.

This is what has happened: I’m selling all the Azure Islands property and pulling out there. Already! And, as I said, I’ve bought the 1 4096 parcel in Otherland and have erected or reconstructed the Ubertemple on this parcel. With its base at 600 meters, it’s even higher up in the sky than the Ubertemple (500 meters for the latter). The newest version of the temple is also not as massive as the former version, being about 2/3rds its size. But it is based on the same 2 modules, or what I’ve called B_Hivia and ToT (original 30x30x30 meter cube). And the arrangement of these modules is similar, if not exactly the same. One could say its a more reasonable version of the Ubertemple, since the new version is packed full of art and the old one had to remain about 1/3rd empty. I still have the Sky Forest, with the same trees, same rocks, same plant rezzers, same table/chair arrangements… looks quite similar, except the shape is a little different.

The land I bought in Otherland is 4096 meters, which is a little larger than the largest of the two Azure Islands properties. But the real advantage comes in the regular, square shape (64 meters on each side), which helped me to refine the idea of the Ubertemple, or — better — to see a very legitimate alternate version which is 2/3rds its size, because I think the Ubertemple, really, is just as legit, if not exactly practical for the prims allowed on the Azure Island property. In order for it to *really* work, I’d have had to keep the property above it, if I wanted to fill it out more. For the new version of the temple, this is not so much a problem. Even with erected the temple on the parcel, cramming it full of art, creating the Sky Forest, leaving almost all the thick vegetation on the ground intact, and sliding in a tiny shack with some additional stuff within — I still have about 145 prims to continue to work with. Actually, make that about 113, because Otherland owners recommend that you keep around 32 prims open to allow air and water travel through your land, a reasonable request I suppose.

So, in summary, I’m *very* happy with the way the parcel turned out, and the temple. It’s hard to image it working better, given what I had. And I see that it was best to first build the *Uber*temple on Azure Islands, given that land is considerably cheaper there. Without buying the two parcels together, I may not have found out that the Ubertemple and certainly smaller or edited versions thereof (like the new temple could be said to form) can be built on 4096 property or even a little smaller. But I’m certainly also glad that I could return to Azure Islands, where my first properties were, if only for a little bit. Now I have that out of my system — and I haven’t ruled out a return in the future, maybe to the same piece of land that I’m in the process of selling (perhaps coupled, again, with the parcel immediately to the north) — I’m moving on. It was still a tough decision, but it got considerably easier once I knew that I could move/revise the Ubertemple.

I have some more decisions now:
*Do I buy the parcel to the west of me, also a 4096, to protect the view from my shack and give me more prims to work with, probably in the form of another skybox? This is certainly a future option, although right now I’m not sure it’s the best idea. The new temple is the summary of what I’ve been building in SL, and Otherland seems to represent the endpoint of a search for a “true” home in SL. The new temple combines the idea of the gallery and the temple that I’ve been refining since the early days of my Gliese existence, since Edna’s photography has been integrated, essentially, into the core of the temple’s meaning through the Herman Park pictures (throw in a couple of my own as well). And for me it gives me a place to display my art 10×10 opus that I’ve been working on for a number of years, and in a logically enough fashion. In the new version, as I’ll explain soon, the first half is found in the East Wing of the new temple/gallery, and the second half in the West Wing. This makes sense to do because the opus itself is symmetrical in a large way between these two “evenly divided” halves.

In terms of exploring, I’ll probably be hiking a *lot* around Otherland, continuing my intial efforts. Fascinating landscape! Much more interesting, I still say with a sad note, than the Azure Islands landscape that I still respect for other reasons. But I made out a list of pros and cons of each: Azure Islands and Otherland. And Otherland really won hands down. So I shifted. Hopefully I might have found my true home in SL, at least for a while or perhaps until SL goes away for good, which doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. I am an Otherlander now.

I still want to explore/continue the Nautilus Cy. underwater landscape, and may start — or finish — that quite soon. Atoll mtn. range — still want to do that. There’s much more to chronicle within SL, even through the search for home and the search for a “perfect” gallery/temple may be over in ways. And there’s always the Arcadia Asylum material I could work with; had to dispense with all that in making a “pure” version of the gallery/temple, and one without unnecessary lag.

“Let’s see who wants to chat tonight, if anyone. Hucka?”

Hucka D.:

Present. Hello baker b.


Hello yourself Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

I am back home. With…


Hurla Dontbee?

Hucka D.:

Um… yeah.


Are you still Charles Nelson Blinkerton?

Hucka D.:

Wheeler wishes to speak now for a bit.


Baker B., you are at a door. (pause)


Ok. Thanks. Can you give me some more details?


The door is the Wheeler Island/Planet. My Island/Planet.


To complete the 10×10?


You must immerse yourself in the history of Otherland. Geography. Topography. Castle. Beehive. Hurla. City. Park. And your own sim as well, before it is…


Ruined? Denaturalized?


From your shack you can see the world. The World.


I’m going to walk to your island/planet tonight again.


Every night. Well, every other night. Or at least once a week. You must go.

Hucka D. (quickly moving in):

Thank you baker b.


Thank you.


OI#1, Neighborhood Hike 2

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Another nice hike through the park to the north, and more. The west side of the Hain sim, as are many sims in the Otherland region, is parallel to a mountain range, in this case one rising from the northwest corner of Stephen and continuing to the northern edge of Otherland Island #1 in Hinteregg, about 500 meters straight north. Nearer its southern end lies a type of plateau area on the east side. This is where Baker Bloch is standing in the snapshot below, looking east.


Several times in this blog, I’ve mentioned the lone commercial district within the contiguous Otherland archipelago, in Antibes. The backs of the highest elevation stores in this district butt right up against the top of this ridge, such as the pretty pink shaded one below.



View toward the pond/lake visited in the last chronicled hike in this blog, in the center of the Hain sim.


Baker Bloch was rather surprised to see a blue flower growing all alone by itself in the rocky ground at this height. Description just said “Blue Flower”, created by famed SL designer Luna Bliss.


Passing the commerical district, Baker Bloch soon decided to drop down on the ridge to the west to avoid several house built on the top. In circling back around the ridge at the edge in order to begin the return home, Blochs was surprised to see this dep gorge effectively splitting the high ridge in two in Hinteregg, certainly an interesting topographic anomaly of some kind. A bridge spanned the two parts of the ridge just ahead. Baker had to go investigate…


Hmmmm… another of those “Otherland Under Construction” planks. But… okay something weird has just happened to Baker Blinker upon inspecting this site closer. Let’s then return to that at a later time (!)


Another interesting grassy knoll on the island Baker Bloch finds after crossing the high bridge leading from Eschach. This would then be on the large island exclusive to and also completely dominating the landscape of Hinteregg.



OI#1, Neighborhood Hike 1

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Interesting contrast of winter and summer near the south shore of Otherland Island #1. So, should Baker be craving that hot coffee or not?


Well, he forgot that it has been derezzed in the meantime anyway. It’s almost as if Blochs has the power to dematerialize certain things within a day or two just by touching them! Here he is in the park that *use* to have the fresh, steaming hot coffee in a pot on a picnic table, noticing a fallen tree. Interesting to find out if the owner of the park purposely made this tree appear fallen, or if it is just an accidental effect.


Nice landscaping within the park for sure, which occupies an entire sim immediately to the north of Stephen. You can be sure that Blochs will be visiting often.


The sim/park is centered by this large pond, or perhaps one should call it a small lake. Whatever, here’s Baker standing on the dock at the pond or lake, looking out over the clear, blue water.


Baker resting at a bench on the east side of the body of water. In the next post, he’ll be exploring that small mountain range he’s staring directly at here, also mainly within the boundaries of the park.