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Now I Did It… January 10, 2009

Filed under: Otherland Island #1 — baker Blinker @ 1:59 pm

Baker Bloch serves himself a mug of fresh coffee located on a picnic table just outside the new land — yes, I *did* buy it (story in a moment). Strange thing, one of a number: next time I visit this space to get some more of the delicious, hot coffee, the table is gone, along with those horseshoe impressions you see to the right. I’ve, however, been assured that the horse path is still there by the owner of the land in the meantime.


Baker Bloch, full of caffeine now and mind totally alert, presses, once more, on the “Buy Land” option while right clicking the parcel. Always a sweet and satisfying moment. This one set me back 36 dollars, but I already had that amount in Linden dollars in my account already, from all the money I made when liquidating my mainland parcels in Rubi and Tyta. In addition, the tier is $24 a month, same as for the larger of the two pieces of land I still own in Nieth on Azure Islands. Not for long though, perhaps.


Ready for this? So I went to bed shortly after this, satisfied that I’d bought a piece of winter wonderland in SL. So pretty! But low and behold, I woke up the next morning, logged on — was still at land — and, *overnight*, the grass had grown and the snow had melted. How could this be? Perhaps strangely, but perhaps not so strangely, I wasn’t really that sorry to see the snow go. I have enough of that in real life right now. So, yeah, this is better. Must have been just a holiday thing, this snow cover. Something to look forward to now if they reinstate the same next year! What a nifty place this is.


Some more shots of Baker Bloch walking around the suddenly green property, taking in the sights from this new perspective.