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Beyond The Beyond January 7, 2009

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“Hucka D., I wonder if we could speak to Wheeler tonight, perhaps?”

Hucka D.:

You bet.


You found it. Congratulations.


Your island/planet.


I am the alien. A new beehive is in order.


I will begin hallucinating soon. Wheeler visions.


You must follow the white rabbit to the end of the world. Then jump.


Peter rabbit.


Yes. Jump. Monster. Minster. Minister. Jump. Jumbo. Maria. Neptune. So on. So on.


We’re going to start by simply putting the pipes and The Arab in the sky, Wheeler. Perhaps.


That’s fine.


And keep a record, of course, of our explorations.


My island/planet should remain hidden for now. (pause) I am next to Hidalgo.


I *can’t* wait. Thank you so much Wheeler.


I am here to help. You need to talk to Hucka D. now.

Hucka D.:

Yes, good job Baker B. You can thank [delete name]. He is like you, right?


Except for the hunting part.

Hucka D.:

But you want to fish in Otherland. On your family outing.


I blasted off and landed on Wheeler Island/Planet. How high were we?

Hucka D.:

It’s 666 meters in the sky. Almost inside the sun.


Let’s call it 667 and it’s a deal.

Hucka D.:

Done and done, sir!


Thank you both. See you soon.


I have some things to say before you leave baker b. I want you to do something for me. First you must jump but there’s more. I want you to go back to Hobo Island.


Ok, t’wll do.


Otherland Prelude, 3

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So here’s where everything gets a little odder. Well, not quite here on this particular island yet, but nearby, and connected with pictures in this particular post.

Blochs found the builds on this tropical island quite interesting in the complexity of the layout. This reminds me, a bit, of the Cocoa Beach parcel next to Azure I.#5 described in this post, ‘cept without an actual cave in the mix this time. And any parcel containing a John Lennon Ave. just notched itself a step above the run-of-the-mill by that fact alone.



I also like the fact that they planted so many trees on the island. Hmmmm… maybe this isn’t quite a tropical island after all, given all those pines.



So here comes the really interesting stuff, perhaps. I won’t give the location out, but it’s in the corner of one of the larger islands, surrounded by lots that are up for sale. And at first glance it appeared that the island’s corner lot was available for purchase as well, since it was heavily forested like the rest, and with no ground house apparent amongst the many trees.


And here, at the very corner of the island, Baker becomes quite convinced that no one really occupies this parcel, although it doesn’t appear to be for sale. The landscaping is beautifullly done; Baker Bloch fully identifies with the invoked feng shui. Yep, this is most definitely a tropical island.


In rounding the corner of the island Baker then comes across a beautiful waterfall. In getting stuck between two of the rocks surrounding the falls, Baker 1st learns that he is unable to fly on this parcel. After some struggle he reaches the top of the perhaps 20 meter drop to find a cave behind the falls. And inside the cave this stargate, and a mysterious book lying directly in front of it. The title and author were whited out, though, leaving only the word “Secrets” on the cover.



Before Baker Bloch is able to read the contents of the book, the owner suddenly appears behind him. And although he may not have been quite aware of it — could be wrong here — the book’s owner would also hold the key to Baker Bloch’s Otherland quest: he would show him, by actually launching Baker Bloch *off the SL grid* via a powerful rocket, where the “true” Otherland lies. Baker is still unclear as to actually where the rocket took him, but he knows how to get there again. And he knows… well, let’s just save more of that improbable tale for later.


Otherland Prelude, 2

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Otherland is certainly an interesting archipelago, topographically. While none of the inclusive islands are as large as Azure Island #1, where the Bakers now reside along with Hucka D. and Esbum Michigan, there are 3 that stick out above the rest. The largest of these I’ll call Otherland I.#1. It is spread out over about 25 total sims, although the actual area is smaller than this. It seems to be about the same size as the Nautilus City island that I’ve already written about extensively in this blog, or, in another comparison, between the sizes of the two largest Azure Islands (what I’ve been calling Azure I.#1 and Azure I.#2). Otherland I.#1 has been the focus of Baker Bloch’s quest to find the perfect fishing hole. He’s almost settled on a spot, it seems.

There are two other, larger islands that stick out from the rest in the archipelago in terms of size. Baker’s already started exploring both to some degree, in fanning his quest outward. What I’ll call Otherland #2 is the slightly larger of these two islands in question. And currently, unlike Otherland #1 and also Otherland #3, which I’ll get to in a moment, it does not have a wintery theme attached to its landscape. That’ one of the things which baffled me when I returned to Otherland a week or two ago: the places that Hucka D. roamed this past summer, such as the area containing the Bee’s Nest Mtn. lemonade stand, and Hurla Dontbee, and whose grounds were as green as an emerald at that time, are now covered in snow. And furthermore — get this — the entire archipelago seems to have shifted halfway across the SL grid as well (!).* I’ll perhaps have more to say about that certainly unexpected move in this blog soon, most likely connecting it back to Azure Islands again. As I think I’ve mentioned once or twice now (can’t remember), Otherland may be the closest relative to Azure Islands on the Linden grid currently — probably is. And I’m seeing now that I had overlooked many of its obvious virtues in former forays into the region. I’m trying to rectify that oversight this winter.

Just to wrap up the individual island discussion, Otherland I.#2, in the current southwest corner of the contiguous archipelago, is about the size of Azure Island#4. Like Azure I.#4 and also several other of the larger Azure Islands (#2 and #5, namely), a large volcano lies near its center. But its most interesting feature may be a “man-made” one: a monorail completely encircles the outer rim of the island.

Otherland I.#3 is about the size of Azure I.#5, and lies directly east of Otherland I.#1. It’s topography is similar to the larger Otherland #1 as well.

The vast majority of the other island in the archipelago, and they are numerous, are under 1 sim in surface size, with the largest of the remaining island being perhaps just a little over 1 sim in size — far as I can tell. The smaller islands are also dividable into those with a wintery theme, like Otherland I.#1 and #3, and those with a summer or tropical theme, like Otherland #2.

So below we find Baker Bloch exploring one of the many smaller islands, this one with a more tropical climate. I believe that’s a colorful cutout of Buddha on the side of the cliff in front of him. Baker plans to investigate, at least in a playful, surface manner, the religions of SL more in the future, since he is a member of one himself, albeit a “religion” that has to be coupled with both game and philosophy aspects in order to legitimately manifest as a true phenomenon. I’m talking, of course, about TILE.


Baker sits in a house on the same island, making notes on the interesting textures found within. Such a different aesthetic from the Ubertemple, he thinks, with both being quite legitimate approaches to creating a pleasing, even worshipful space. Perhaps I should remind Baker Bloch that he shouldn’t enter the houses of people without first asking for an invitation. True and thorough explorers are sometimes forgetful about that common curtousy in their thirst for knowledge and adventure.


And another, somewhat larger tropical island nearby, this one with two large parcels (out of three) still up for sale. And quite reasonable too. But Baker is too tied to Azure Islands now to move again, at least so soon. And he’s not really a beach person either, although the mountainy aspect certainly appeals to him. But… no.



About a day after creating this text, found a web page on this move. Check here.. Still incredibly fascinating that you can move 150 sims so quickly.


Otherland Prelude, 1

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Baker Bloch in an icy realm looking for a good fishing hole for the family outing. That’s his plan anyway.


Then just over a hill, kind of in a northeast direction, lies another iced over lake, but with too many houses surrounding it for his need, he feels.


Bake continues to the west in the quest to find the perfect fishing hole. He runs across this rather interesting house with a mixture of hobo-like and modernist textures. The wallpaper with the couple mutually kissing an octopus (left) was kind of freak’n him out, so he didn’t linger here long.


I mentioned that Otherland seems to be getting in on the underwater embellishments as well, probably mirroring what the Lindens are doing in Nautilus City and also other areas (Bay City, Nautilus continent, Moon Base). The Otherland sim of Xabbu seems to be the center of such activity, with this large, domed structure in the center of the center of the sim, in turn, seeming to be a more pointed epicenter. The work doesn’t appear finished, though.


More underwater snapshots from the Xannu sim… there’s definitely a fairly different underwater aesthetic going on here than in Nautilus City, Bay City, and other mainland locations. I want to say it’s less refined, but, as I said, the work seems to be unfinished… And certainly it’s much less extensive than the Nautilus City creations.



Interesting reflections in the water Baker Bloch comes across in further explorations of the island archipelago.


Somehow, unexpectantly, he makes his way back to the beach bungalow visited several nights before.