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Hiking, 1 January 1, 2009

Filed under: Azure Island #1 — baker Blinker @ 4:13 am

The ground area far below the Ubertemple, sans Victorian house. Still amazed. 🙂

That’s the broken tv also present on the Rubi properties straight ahead, perched near a bank just above what I’m currently calling Lac Baker (just out of sight looking from this direction). Hope I’ll be able to keep all these trees and the lake.


View of the ground and the lake from further up.


Baker Bloch sits on the bank of the lake, attempting a type of meditation. He is one with the lake, and so on.


Interesting unintentional alignment of ferns just south of Lac Baker.


The lake from a ridge to the south.


‘Nother overhead view…


Blochs then heads into the Vela sim to the west. He forgot how beautiful the vistas are here.


One of the many high prim, physical (non-phantom) trees dotting the Vela landscape. I’ll attempt to make a list of these types of trees soon.


Another of the wonderful snapshots Baker Bloch took yesterday, this one in the Circinus sim. Must remember to ask Hucka D. about the Sylver Forest and the relationship to the central sims of AI#1. In fact, I’ll just create a new post now.



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