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Walk Around Neighborhood… December 19, 2008

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Baker Bloch’s first venture around the neighborhood as a new owner…

First a shot from one of the two ground porches. This seems to be almost a perfect home for Baker Bloch. As far as SL goes. Doesn’t get any better than this.


Just like in the old Gliese neighborhood, the house is situated on a road that forms a dead end loop. Not a lot of houses on this loop either — there’s more lots for sale than are occupied. I was disappointed but not surprised to see than many of the houses had those awful ban lines around them, which don’t see any real point to have, especially way out in this neck of the woods. But I’m now use to owning a commercial venture.

But the snapshot below is of a property that Baker Bloch was allowed access to. Blochs takes advantage of this by sitting in a rocking chair for a small spell, taking in the view of part of AI#1’s only inland sea. You can see the bridge over the narrow sea behind him. This is the road that quickly leads to the dead end loop where Baker Bloch now lives.


Another view of the bridge, with a nice little waterfall in front of it. Baker here is just a stone’s throw from the ocean beach at the east end of the inland sea. Just to note: the new house lies only a little over 100 meters from this same sea.

And I should also note here that I was glad to find that owner Adam Zaius has been making some improvements to the island apparently, including the refining of the above waterfall (according to inspections of the material anyway).* I actually may have a picture of how this waterfall formerly looked somewhere in this blog. I’ll check when I can.

I dont’ think I’ve mentioned that I actually ran into Adam Zaius (avatar of Azure Islands RL owner Adam Frisby) in a deserted plaza in the commercial district of the islands. I didn’t speak to him, but we were the only two avatars in the plaza so I assume he was aware of my presence. Maybe. It was quite exciting to me, and the equivalent of meeting a Linden for sure! (which I’ve met two of now).


Then Baker Bloch is able to sit in another beauty spot on the opposite side of the sea from the deck with the rocking chairs. And, yeah, he couldn’t help noticing those lemon trees! But he stayed away from the proffered wine here… only after dark!


Back on the loop, this is the largest piece of property owned by anyone on this loop, but no access to the land is allowed. Wonder if they dye that water to make it so blue? And — what is that in the background? — yes, it’s a wooly mammoth! Maybe it’s not a place Baker Bloch wants to walk around anyway. Can you imagine accidentally stepping in… well, never mind.


Speaking of extinct giant animals, this cardboard-like cutout of a Tyrannosaurus Rex sits almost across the road. I know I have some pictures of this place in my blog here, but at the time of former visits I was afraid to go onto the land itself. This time I wasn’t as worried, and when I reached the door there was an invitation to walk around the place, which Blochs took advantage of. I’m still unsure of what is going on in this place, but it’s a complicated layout. And colorful!


And view up into the giant tree on the property. Reminds me of Chakryn Forest a bit.


As I said, I’m not sure exactly what is going on in here yet. But I have some time to figure it out, since this is one of my nearest neighbors. And seemingly quite friendly as well, judging from a follow-up im to my im complimenting his place and introducing myself in general, and inviting him to feel free to come poke around my own land in return.


Back at home. Gotta get a name for this hill just behind the house.


* A-hah… was right about this.


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