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Loose Thoughts. December 31, 2008

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“Hucka D., I have a feeling there may be a twin to Carrcass-1 coming up.”

Hucka D.:

Get the kinks out… again.


I’m going to give a blog tour of the Ubertemple very soon. Do you want to talk about the Ubertemple?

Hucka D.:



Ok, that’ll be in the Carrcass-1 twin as well, I suppose.

Hucka D.:

Continuation. Twin. Rainbow…


The focus will be on Skillet this time.

Hucka D.:

Less Ozmo. Add another movie or two or three in. Musical. Beef…


The Ubertemple is like a [delete name] synchronicity in comparison to a bb synchronicity through the original temple. SID = Temple of TILE. Ubertemple is beyond, though. 8x as big.

Hucka D.:

You know what it is. Mythos. As a whole.


So the link between *Wazob* and SL happened in Rubi, when I inserted the Edwardston Station Gallery there. This caused the door to open to *Silver* [or Sylver]. But Mythos was still neglected as a whole. Wazob attempted to isolate from Mythos as long as possible. *Azure* had to be forgotten or set on the backburner. Now I have returned. Now I have successfully created the whole Wazob, that recognizes Mythos and its place within. Everything is resolved now.

Hucka D.:

Yeah, basically everything. Baker Blinker’s curse is resolved. That was caused by the predecessor to Carrcass-1. When Carrcass-1 came along and replaced the predecessor as the new, hot synchronicity then this curse was resolved. Ozmo.


Thanks for talking about all this in the morning, Hucka D. What’s next… in terms of SL?

Hucka D.:

Mythos. Revise the history. Link between SL and Mythos. (pause)


Start to take it through the door?

Hucka D.:

That’s why you need to work on the twin.


Thank you.


Updates; Loose Thoughts; Decisions December 30, 2008

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I believe that, already, I’ve about finished all I want to do presently — basically — with the new Ubertemple. I suppose a blog tour is in store very soon, then.

Decisions: amazingly I’ve found that if I delete the ground house plus all the trees/bushes (22 objects total) on the second lot I’ve bought, that I’ll have enough prims to support the Ubertemple through just the one, larger Neith property. Simply amazing… but that was kind of my backup plan all along (to downsize from the mainland venture). But do I want to do this? The ground house is in an *excellent* location, but, really, how much time would I actually spend there? Judging by my house bordering the Rubi forest in Tyta, probably very little. So I’m incredibly tempted just to sell the second lot, or give it back to the Azure Ambassadors group, and manage what I deem the necessities of the Ubertemple from the first alone. None of the Sky Forest (Ubertemple’s floor skybox) is on the second property, so I wouldn’t have to tamper with that if I didn’t want to. It all seems set up for me to sell the 2nd parcel. When I give the tour of the Ubertemple, hopefully you, the reader, will also be amazed that I’m able to do this (!).

To other news: well, since I’m attempting to downsize I’m not sure doing the projected interviews is a good idea at this time. What I may do instead is create reviews of blogs, etc. — Headburro Antfarm’s blog immediately springs to mind — to put on this blog. I may increase energy spent toward the filling in of the Toy Avatar mythology, and, parallel with this, take more rl photographs to support the research. Also, although Carrcass-1 is complete now, I still haven’t really analyzed the work yet, and I also feel I need to sink a bit of money into music/movie research for any future projects of this kind (and they will come along). Also I need to focus on map synchronicity research. And buying some *keyboards* would be nice. Hmmmm… so it looks like I’m leaning toward giving up the second Neith property currently.

The other option would be to use the multitude of prims I have left over to fill the temple with more pictures, and also maybe some furniture. Also — this is also kind of tempting — to create an entirely different type of temple, a second one on the properties, and at the same elevation as the first. But perhaps based upon the circle shape instead of the square.

Let’s bring in at least Hucka D., or attempt to, to talk about these subjects further. Hucka?

Hucka D.:



That simple?

Hucka D.:

Yup. You have everything now.


What about Nautilus City?

Hucka D.:

Put your energy in the blog. And also a web site. Writing, art, music. Web site. Baker B. You’ve built enough.


How about tunnels?

[Hucka D. doesn’t answer.]


Should I begin to explore Azure Islands again? Oh… I always have the option to build something later, when I’ve caught up with other projects. I have the ideal property.

Hucka D.:

We should talk about Mythos. And Grassy certainly feels neglected. Go back to Jonesborough tomorrow if you can. Spend more time there on your Tile Creek now that you’re off.


Ozmo has been set aside, necessarily.

Hucka D.:



Thank you.


Ubertemple… Going Up! December 23, 2008

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Preliminary snapshots of the Ubertemple, which appears to be a go again after some hesitation this morning. I’m presently testing out the fit of both Edna’s photos and my collages within the new temple.

One question: is it *possible* that I can outfit this giant thing with just the prims from the larger of the two pieces of property I now own (one next to forest). If so, I may give up the second property I just bought. But it’s probably going to be *tight*.

Snapshots now.






Ubertemple a go! December 22, 2008

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It did occur to me that I should have held a family meeting before deciding to buy the additional AI#1 property. But it’s done (!) All I have to do is give up my daily cookie to pay for the second property’s tier. *Weekday* cookies, that is, because I can have them still on weekends according to my master plan.

Already populated the new property with more native trees. Don’t know if I’ll put another (smaller) house on the property or not. What I’m calling the Ubertemple is now the focus.

This is quite exciting!




1st step; return of the collage gallery. Decided that it was, actually, best to perch it on top of the temple.



The Future?

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Created a preliminary study of what the future beehive on the new AI1 property might look like. Essentially this thing is 2 B_Hivias to the left here, 2 Temple of TILES in the middle, and yet 2 more B_Hivias on the right. It’s a pretty massive structure. Now whether I follow through and start filling in the outline of this thing presently is another matter. I’ll have to study the subject further. It will probably involve the purchase of yet another piece of property, if I decide to proceed.

That tiny white dot on the bottom platform is Hucka D., just to give you an idea of the scale involved here.


To make room for the experiment in terms of prims, I had to temporarily (?) delete the collage gallery that formerly sat on top of the transplanted Temple of TILE, back on AI1 now where it was originally created. So here’s a look at the skybox without the collage gallery on top of the temple. I think I like this look better… the collage gallery (again, this is the old Wright House Gallery from Tyta) didn’t really fit in stylistically with the rather stark cube that is the temple. So if/when I reinstate the collage gallery I think I’ll move it further up in the sky, still accessible through property teleporters, but perhaps not immediately viewable from the Sky Forest, as I’m calling it.


After he finishes working on the outline for the possible, new temple, Hucka D. relaxes at the central lounge area of the skybox. Unfortunately he has no money to buy a magazine or a soda at this point. Behind him is a map of AI1, with the location of the temple highlighted with a red ball. You can also see the particle ferns to his left here… I have both particle ferns and snapdragons manifesting in the Sky Forest presently. The ferns are in the densest part of the forest, in the snubbed ne corner of the skybox as a whole.


Hucka D. walks toward the table at the eastern edge through this most crowded forest area. A great view of island sunrises can be had there.


Then a little later on, Baker Blinker decides to recheck the skybox and take her own snapshots. This is where you beam in through the provided teleporter at this location. There are about 6 teleporters on the property now.


Baker Blinker looks to the northwest corner of the Sky Forest from near its center…


…then more to the southwest, over top of the purple snapdragons. Altogether there are 5 tables in the Sky Forest, with 3 visible here.


Then looking in the opposite direction toward the ferns.


Nice views can be had of the Sky Forest from many part of the temple itself, such as this one from the 4th floor.


So a decision must be made soon about buying more property. I’m inclined right now to say: I like the Sky Forest as it is, and the temple as well. I’ll just move the collage gallery a little further up in the sky and have done with it for the most part presently. That’s my gut feeling. Again this could change in, well, the blink of an eye. SL is apparently all about rapid change.


Done Deal… December 21, 2008

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Well, both the Rubi and Tyta properties sold incredibly fast. Good to see that SL economy hasn’t been *that* affected by the Recession. The instant the last of the two properties were sold (Tyta) I got rid of my premium account. Down to 22 dollars a month, quite reasonable. But… no, I won’t go there quite yet. So I’m on AI#1 now, perhaps for good. Never say never, especially in SL, but I don’t see forking out the money to go back to the mainland madness. Could be wrong.

So what do I do in SL now that I’m “retired”, hehe? Well, I think a redesign of the temple will be up soon. Focus now, though, will be on extra-SL projects for a while, including continued analysis of what I’m here calling Carrcass-1. Then I have to find *the* opening into the Wheeler-Jasper collage series (because there *is* one). Could it be through, somehow, that Egan “Ben” glyph still?

Will I force hallucinations on AI#1 (that’s what I’ll call it again in this blog, at least for a while), like are “natural” in some parts of the Sansara continent (such as around Hilo Peak/Abomination and Kerchal)? Oh, speaking of the Abomination, I know some more about it, thanks to Carrcass-1. It is no coincidence, I don’t think, that I leave the mainlands right when finishing up Carcass-1. Comparing the Linden rule of SL to Hitler’s rule of Nazi Germany is of course pushing it way further than one would suppose… but the Abomination in Rudolph is not a bad entity once his teeth are pulled; he even puts the star on the top of Santa’s Xmas tree. Union of Maria and Cpt. now is reunion with Azure Islands, and perhaps Baker Bloch with Baker Blinker (?). Let’s bring in Hucka D…

Hucka D.:

You need to find the opening into Wheeler.


Thank you Hucka D. Where do I look?

Hucka D.:

Everywhere. All Things.


Do you wish to speak about Carrcass-1?

Hucka D.:

Hays. Haze. Man/Woman. Don. Burning Flipside. Flip over a record and such. Big Black Smoke.


Dart inserted into Mouse [Island]. Hayes or Haze owned. B. Hayes. Speedboat; record.

Hucka D.:

Mythos as well.



Hucka D.:

You ask.


I think this is a clearing of the slate. New beehive is in store in the future. Combo of square [Temple of TILE] and triangle [B_Hivia]. Pipes all around, but clear or solid color, to reduce lag. Something running down the middle.

Hucka D.:

Train. Keeps a roll’n.


Cave as well. Need to read blog again.

Hucka D.:

Hop to it!


Thank you.


Loose Thoughts; Updates… December 19, 2008

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Now have cool-ish Sky Forest surrounding *both* the Temple of TILE and the old Wright House Gallery housing the latest 60 collages of the 10×10 series. I simply perched the latter on top of the former — seems to work fairly well. But I think the temple fits best into its own little, “artificial” microcosm, which I’ve created with the Sky Forest setting. All this, I’m seeing, should be separated from the more “normal” ground setting, where I have my pretty little Victorian house and the direct extension of the forest to the south onto my property. Two separate things; entities: ground and sky. Ground blends in with the surroundings. Sky doesn’t really have to (unless someone sets a skybox right next to mine, an unlikely event). I don’t think the temple will ever come back down to the ground now. The zoning of Azure Islands is correct: such “monstrosities” (and it really is such a thing, a giant cube) *should* be up in the air, unless one chooses to live in an urban-type setting. But *all of SL* should not be such an urban setting, which the mainlands kind of is, really. So — no — I don’t plan to go back to the mainlands except to rent. I still haven’t sold the Rubi and Tyta properties but I assume that I can within the month. If not, I’ll simply give it back to the Lindens, but I don’t think it will come to that.

I enjoyed walking around in the pipes, and I may add them back into the scenario in one form or another. But admittedly my neighbors probably didn’t enjoy just *staring* at the bland, gray things. You have to walk them to enjoy them.

Returning to Azure Islands is, in a fashion, regaining my senses from the mainland madness. Remember I called it that when I moved there? I had to go mad for a while to see what sanity is. Land should be cheap and plentiful in SL or a contemporary virtual reality. We should have plenty of room to distance ourselves from neighbors, if we wish. And, no, you don’t have to sell anything to get a quite pleasurable experience in this reality. Making sellable products can spur creativity, but very few make any kind of RL money out of it, especially if land tier and property/commodities just suck it back up again each month.

I’m cutting back in SL in terms of money, but, strangely, it feels like I’m gaining instead of loosing. A small rental shop on the mainlands may be next, perhaps in ZZ Land again. When I log back in I think I’ll head over there and see if the old space is still available.

I’m off the next two weeks from work and should be able to easily catch up with the texts for my blog posts. Carrcass-1 is also finished, although I need to do more analysis. The Wheeler collage series is up soon, but probably not until January at the least. May stick the Wheeler-Jasper series (each will most likely be considered a separate series as well — both in one) in the Victorian house — probably will. Have about 65 more prims to play around with.

What did I have to give up? Well, the bottom part of the Edwardston Station Gallery, the subway and the brick stucco gallery and its Greenup series, had to go. I had to give up The Arab and the pipe system that wrapped around it. But I gained the Sky Forest. So… not a whole lot at all. And it’s so beautiful on Azure Island #1. I really missed it…

Let’s see if Hucka D. wants to chat tonight. Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Wheeler is next.


I assume I need to take more Mythos related notes as well over my break.

Hucka D.:

Charleston; Mythos; notes.


Do you have any words about the newly positioned temple or galleries?

Hucka D.:



Thank you.



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Hopped over to Gliese to look over the old properties again. Forgot how much I missed the sunsets/sunrises here.


One last view of the Rubi properties before everything was deleted. This angle is interesting because it shows what I would consider the close relationship between my newer pipe system, and former neighbor Zarek Lock’s roller coasters. Although he would probably loath the comparison! (just joking) The main relationship here, or the earlier one, is between the temple and its four sides colored red, green, blue, and yellow, and Zarek’s four square platform system of the same colors standing just to the front/side of the temple (northwest direction). Our properties only bordered at one corner, but there was definitely a relationship.


Then the new location of the temple, and where it should be: way up in the sky. Here you can also see the sky forest now surrounding the temple… I’ll get more into that in a future post or series of posts. *And* I also decided just to perch the Tyta skybox gallery (formerly Wright House Gallery) on top of the temple now. Again just to remind, this houses the last 60 collages of the art 10×10 that I hope to complete this winter (w/ the Wheeler-Jasper series).



Walk Around Neighborhood…

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Baker Bloch’s first venture around the neighborhood as a new owner…

First a shot from one of the two ground porches. This seems to be almost a perfect home for Baker Bloch. As far as SL goes. Doesn’t get any better than this.


Just like in the old Gliese neighborhood, the house is situated on a road that forms a dead end loop. Not a lot of houses on this loop either — there’s more lots for sale than are occupied. I was disappointed but not surprised to see than many of the houses had those awful ban lines around them, which don’t see any real point to have, especially way out in this neck of the woods. But I’m now use to owning a commercial venture.

But the snapshot below is of a property that Baker Bloch was allowed access to. Blochs takes advantage of this by sitting in a rocking chair for a small spell, taking in the view of part of AI#1’s only inland sea. You can see the bridge over the narrow sea behind him. This is the road that quickly leads to the dead end loop where Baker Bloch now lives.


Another view of the bridge, with a nice little waterfall in front of it. Baker here is just a stone’s throw from the ocean beach at the east end of the inland sea. Just to note: the new house lies only a little over 100 meters from this same sea.

And I should also note here that I was glad to find that owner Adam Zaius has been making some improvements to the island apparently, including the refining of the above waterfall (according to inspections of the material anyway).* I actually may have a picture of how this waterfall formerly looked somewhere in this blog. I’ll check when I can.

I dont’ think I’ve mentioned that I actually ran into Adam Zaius (avatar of Azure Islands RL owner Adam Frisby) in a deserted plaza in the commercial district of the islands. I didn’t speak to him, but we were the only two avatars in the plaza so I assume he was aware of my presence. Maybe. It was quite exciting to me, and the equivalent of meeting a Linden for sure! (which I’ve met two of now).


Then Baker Bloch is able to sit in another beauty spot on the opposite side of the sea from the deck with the rocking chairs. And, yeah, he couldn’t help noticing those lemon trees! But he stayed away from the proffered wine here… only after dark!


Back on the loop, this is the largest piece of property owned by anyone on this loop, but no access to the land is allowed. Wonder if they dye that water to make it so blue? And — what is that in the background? — yes, it’s a wooly mammoth! Maybe it’s not a place Baker Bloch wants to walk around anyway. Can you imagine accidentally stepping in… well, never mind.


Speaking of extinct giant animals, this cardboard-like cutout of a Tyrannosaurus Rex sits almost across the road. I know I have some pictures of this place in my blog here, but at the time of former visits I was afraid to go onto the land itself. This time I wasn’t as worried, and when I reached the door there was an invitation to walk around the place, which Blochs took advantage of. I’m still unsure of what is going on in this place, but it’s a complicated layout. And colorful!


And view up into the giant tree on the property. Reminds me of Chakryn Forest a bit.


As I said, I’m not sure exactly what is going on in here yet. But I have some time to figure it out, since this is one of my nearest neighbors. And seemingly quite friendly as well, judging from a follow-up im to my im complimenting his place and introducing myself in general, and inviting him to feel free to come poke around my own land in return.


Back at home. Gotta get a name for this hill just behind the house.


* A-hah… was right about this.


Return… December 18, 2008

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Behind on text generation again… a couple of days ago, I bought land on AI#1 again, as I’m calling it here once more, at least for a while. Shopped around for a nicer house until I settled on this newer Victorian one, again a Fatima Ur creation, just like the old Victorian house that use to sit on the Gliese lot and was later used in a revised Temple of TILE (the shell of the two duplicate houses are still there in its present form). But this is a more solid design. Really like it, although the house will just be a place that I, as Baker Bloch, sit and look out upon the forest and wilderness surrounding it. Also I want to hang a few pictures in the house, perhaps even, eventually, the projected Wheeler-Jasper collage series coming up.


Backyard of the house here, a small open space in the forest.


View from across the road to the east…


… then up high from the west…

About 1/2 those trees you can see in the snapshot are ones I planted. I simply copied the 4 types of trees that grow in the “natural” forest in the sim just below me and used them to populate my own land. I think it works swell… natural thing to do, as I said.



And then way up in the sky now, we have the transplated Temple of TILE, back from its mainland journey. As I’ll explain in posts to come, there’s now a larger sky complex surrounding this temple, with maybe more to come (!)

p.s.: this thing was a bitch to move, because of the size and multiple creators involved.