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Nautilus Underwater, West 1 November 29, 2008

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At the end of November, Baker Bloch even made some forays into the western seas of Nautilus City/Island. But it’s here he got bogged down with other projects, or I should say I, his user, got sidetracked. But I believe outside of the treasure room at Far East, the Coontz sim, which is the subject matter of this particular post’s snapshots, is the most interesting underwater environment I’ve visited — so far. It’s not so much that there’s a *whole* bunch of objects there, but more the mixture of strategically placed objects, including plants, with the really quite complex topography of the sim, along with that of the northern part of the Prat sim to the south. When you look at the SL map of the area while in the SL program, you can get a little idea of what I’m talking about. The Coontz sim doesn’t *look* like the other underwater sims in terms of shading and coloring. You don’t have the rolling hills and valleys everpresent there. Instead, in Coontz, you have abrupted rising hillocks, some flat but some quite sharp. But with no regular pattern that I can tell of — sometimes these hillocks are isolated, and sometimes they occur as a group.


Coming in from the flatter, western sim, this the first time Baker Bloch noticed something different about the Coontz sim, actually I believe this is the western edge of Prat instead, which is similiar to Coontz in places.


Baker Bloch stands in a giant hand in Coontz, which appears to be a part of the sea goddess statue once more, like found in other places in the NC area.


Then another ship wreck, but with a twist: this one has a skull. I’d yet to see human (avatar) remains in the sea before. Actually there is at least one more skull in the sim — perhaps I can take up this series again soon and give out more pictures.


Coontz contains crystals, complex wrecks, skulls, giant hands, spears… it’s got a lot.

My guess — could be totally wrong here — is that Coontz and Prat represent an earlier attempt by the Linden moles at creating an underwater aesthetic to complement the majestic builds of the main island. That’s why the look is unique to these two sims, and why, for example, skulls do not appear in other places. But I’m thinking more along the lines of the totally different topography of the seabed here, in attempting to justify this argument.

Hopefully I can continue this series sometime soon, perhaps after I’ve settled in a bit more at Otherland.

Thanks, as usual, for reading.







Chatting, T

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“Hucka D., I wanted, perhaps, to chat a little more about Wheeler, Esbum, and the Missing Piece”.

Hucka D.:

Surface the piece.


This is Esbum’s Pond. This is *Esbum*.

Hucka D.:

Baker Blinker’s curse is resolved. Ozmo. New Angle and New Angel. LEWIS. Then Ozmo dies to be resurrected again, like you-know-who.


I don’t think Spiderland is involved.

Hucka D.:

You sure about that?


“Rhoda” either. I don’t think it has enough energy.

Hucka D.:

Oh, it has energy.


What’s Littcarr (“little car”) have to do with Spider [Kentucky}. Car-cass? Car points to Car-cass? Is that the name, then, of the new synchronicity?

Hucka D.:

You have been led down a path. Black and white. Prominent here. BlackeyWhitesburg. Car-cass. But then resurrected.


And Ray, and Black Earth and White Earth. Ray of Darkness. Blackey. Car-cass. Car. Little. Spider. Mousie. Spiderland. Spiders come from Spiderland.

Hucka D.:



I wonder if Wilson is the Driver?

Hucka D.:

Black and white separate at Car-cass. Faulkner from Anderson; Wilson from Wheeler. Oedipal Complex. Death. Woods. Father. MAPS are largely about that, and it has to do with Winesap, which is in public domain. Faulkner’s work is not in the main. Winesap.


So at Raytown black is separated from white by the *temple* [of TILE]. A county mythology is formed… another home county… but only 1/2 of a county this time. The western part, the light, white part. But at the same time it is the whole county.

Hucka D.:

… through the Burke octaves. You better get some rest now.


Thank you.