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Chatting, R November 26, 2008

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“Hucka D., you mentioned the Cereal sub-nations of Britonia in “Chatting, Q”, I believe. I think the spinning Tyle cube in the center of the temple is a representation of these sub-nations. The six sub-nations were seen, at the time [after their creations in the 1970s], as being the 6 sides of 1 cube, and with exactly the same six colors of the Tyle cube: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. This must be an association, especially given that the…

Hucka D.:

The whole cube is also the same. Goodnight baker b.


Goodnight to you Hucka D. This means that the Temple of TILE is the same as Britonia.

Hucka D.:

Good you figured that out. What is Ruby, then? And Sylver?


Ruby must be Bridee, and Sylver must be all the countries surrounding Bridee in the original Wazob complex of nations, or Eob, Roadway, Gurr, and Wurme.

Hucka D.:

Wurme is Rosieri.


Really? Interesting. It’s at the right position.

Hucka D.:

Your pipe system twins the roller coaster system. The two new systems formed at the same time, you know.


Suppose they did. The new roller coaster system in the sim is violet. Purple. To match the red and orange already there.

Hucka D.:

Back to the cube: you have a full silver cube within the Tyle cube. That’s the Sylver Forest. The Rubi Forest is a part of the old Sylver Forest, as you have speculated.


This has more to do with Wazob, then, than Bridee… or Eob.

Hucka D.:

The pipe system is underneathy, just like orange and violet. The roller coaster systems are dominated by [red], orange, and violet. Underneathy. Then on top of that is the Temple of TILE — red, green, blue, yellow. That’s the relationship. And you also find red, green, yellow, blue on top of the roller coasters. Too queer.


The same archetypes just repeat over and over in each manifested [virtual] reality. So… the Temple represents the original Wazob mandala of countries, or Eob [green], Wurme [yellow], Gurr [red], and then Bridee [blue]. As the pipe system is Vinee and Sprurrel [orange and violet], but it can also revolve all around this center through 90 degree rotations to complete the picture of the Confederation as a whole, which is the direct lower octave of Mythos. Hucka D., this *has* to be it. It’s not just the temple, it’s the whole grounds.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Obviously. Now.


Who’s Grassy, then?

Hucka D.:

Who do you think?

(to be continued?)


“Hucka D., Grassy is Wilson.”


“Hucka D., when you talked of meeting Grassy through a Yahoo boad, you said this was shortly after you first manifested in a bee body in SL. Or, I should say, *Charles Nelson Blinkerton* entered this bee body. I’m wondering: did you and Grassy then form at the same time?”

(Hucka D. doesn’t answer.)

bb (to himself mainly, then):

Let’s see, then. Another reason — actually the main reason I’m thinking this is that Hucka D. mentioned getting two “Greens” confused at the end of his life as Charles Nelson Blinkerton. This would be Green City or either Greentop, where he as Blinkerton was born, and then Green Springs Cemetery, where Pollock is buried and where Blinkerton supposedly had his Hilo Peak vision, pushing him to move to New Mexico and Lordsburg there.

So maybe the green Grassy is a manifestation of this double vision. After all, Grassy himself often plays two roles in his movies and shows, most recently as both Salad Bar Jack [one armed] and Verdy [two armed] in the projected movie Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE. Yes, that makes sense. That means, um, that Grassy, though, is some kind of doppleganger of Hucka D. as well. Which would go along with them being mortal, er, counterparts through time and space, like in The Wilderness Battle from, eh, 1525 in Earth time, I think Hucka D. said.

And then what is Mythos’ Wilson’s most famous work called? 2Ms*. Must study all this. Grassy must be Ozmo. Hucka D., am I right?

(no answer.)

* “2Ms” is a book [Robert] Wilson wrote in Mythos history about the switch of Wheeler to Wilson energies within Wazob, in essence. [Joseph] Cline rejects this energy, which is the reason he died within the POPE. The POPE is Wilson, for all practical purposes. The POPE is a giant beanstalk on the northern edge of the Wurme country, at Edwardboro.


Nautilus Underwater, South 2

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‘Nother skeleton of a ship, one of many in the sea around the island.


This island is quite interesting because it represents the second largest island of the Nautilus City complex, although much smaller than the main island, which covers about 22 sims I believe I guessed. This one may be about 100 meters long and 80 meters wide.


Not much on the island itself, with just this lonely, deserted campsite as any evidence that Man (Avatar) has even been here.


But in the water just to the north is a rather spectucular natural phenomenon: a crystal cave…


Baker even invites a possible crash by setting his particle count way up above the norm, just to attempt to capture some of the beauty of the place. The cave is actually not that big though, probably about 15 meters high and deep both. Not sealed underwater treasure room kind of spectacular (like I found at another island: Far East as I’m calling it), but nice still.

The island is in the sim of Howe, btw, in case you want to visit.


Nautilus Underwater, South 3


Nautilus Underwater, South 1

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Wow. How behind can you get in text generation and actually care about it? Well, these pics are almost 2 months old, so I had some spare time after building the new Gallery at the Temple of TILE in Otherland (how many times have I rebuilt my gallery now? I’ve totally lost count) and thought I’d attempt to finish these off. Maybe even make another stab and chronicling the western waters of the Nautilus City/Island complex. So here goes.

Actually I’m just going to have to let most of these stand as text unaccompanied snapshots, because I just can’t remember where they were taken…





Well, I thought I might remember where this place is, but danged if Esbum Michigan (checking behind Baker Bloch’s findings, once again) can locate it again. But it’s a pretty nifty wall formation — long — about 1/3rd of a sim long east-to-west — and covered from beginning to end with this zig-zagy row of sea fans, seemingly in two different tints (light and dark yellow-green). It impressed and surprised me when I found it, although I’m not sure why Baker Bloch is surprised anymore with what he finds underwater in the Nautilus City area.





Nautilus Underwater, South 2