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Nautilus Underwater, East 6 November 25, 2008

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Baker Bloch was actually kind of relieved that the rest of his Nautulus underwater explorations to the east of the island were rather uneventful, at least in comparison to some in the same region. So much to absorb and assimilate already! The first 4 snapshots below are of objects that Baker has come across before and afterwards with some degree of frequency, including seagulls atop wooden poles in the water…




… skeletons of wrecked ships (there were so many of these found that I stopped taking snapshots of them after a spell)…


…ribcages of unknown animals, often with a shark circling above them for good measure…


…and pottery, sometimes alone but most often grouped with other objects.


Baker Bloch also decides to recheck an area already visited in his first wave of Nautilus City island explorations: a larger array of objects centered around a tiny isle located fairly near the southeast corner of the overall island. This is because of his vow to look closely at islands and their immediate environs in this new, second wave of explorations, given what he had found at Far East.


He even checked within this dense growth of seaweed to the immediate north of the island, with nothing found within. The crystals pictured here, btw, have more white in them than in most locations, and are called “crystal 3 – quartz pattern” in the descriptions.

Baker Bloch will now move around the island in a counterclockwise direction to continue his detailed investigation, beginning with the subterranean landscapes to its south.


Nautilus City, South 1


Tunnels x 2, 2

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After admiring the scenery for a spell at the grunge water tower, Baker Bloch retraces his steps back to the new stretch of subway on the properties, and walks the train track to this second pipe opening in the new system, located a little before subway section ends at the Azure tower containing the emitted particles from that mysterious blue orb, still silently spinning and generating inside the westernmost of the 3 belowdeck cargo rooms of The Arab. However, the square opening in the top of this room has been sealed up by the subway system now, although the particles still erupt through the barrier strong as ever, with many still making their way to the lower gallery floors directly above.

I should also mention here that through the opening to the immediate right of the pipe entrance here you still can gain access to the superstructure of The Arab, as well as the ladder leading down to the cargo room with the energy orb.


The second leg of the second pipe system actually lies directly above the third leg of the first system, at least for most of its length. Where the two depart from parallel paths is at the east end of the superstructure of The Arab, where the new pipe abruptly takes a left turn, also skirting the edge of the Azure tower in the process, to allow access to the top of the new subway system, which Baker Bloch is just entering in the snapshot below.


Several chair ringed tables are positioned in this large, open area, and this particular part of the new look reminds me a lot of a similar area at the Azure Island version of the temple. I don’t have a concession stand, drink machines, or video games yet in this area, as on AI, but I’m working on it. Finding prims to do so remains a problem.


At the other (south) end of this open area, Baker finds the 3rd and last leg of the new system, leading him to a secret entrance off a type of west porch of the temple cube itself. Quite a climb to reach it, though (about a 23 degree climb, if I remember correctly).



Baker Bloch holds his breath while temporarily being submerged in the water that fills this entrance, also a brand new addition to the temple. The watery condition quickly ends, however, as Blochs turns to his left down this new, “secret” passageway in the temple. Whether this remains just a “mere” secret passageway or turns into something else — storage area perhaps? — remains in the future. But for now the L shaped passage allows access to the 2nd floor of the temple from the pipe system, giving us now *2* ways to enter the temple in a secret way through these systems.



Baker Bloch has to ascend the branch of that huge tree in the northwest part of the temple to enter the passageway from the temple. Secret entrance indeed!



Tunnels x 2, 1

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Well, some might say that it’s a condition of a little too much time on my hands, but at any rate I’ve created a whole *2nd* system of pipes for the Gallery at the Temple of TILE, which, in many ways, mirrors the layout and overall functions of the first system. Sort of.

Below, Baker Bloch has entered the first leg of the first system, using it to walk down to the new mural featuring Ozmo replacing you-know-who (you-know-who). In looking up, Blochs notices again the presence of additional pipes and other objects in the sky above him now.


Continuing to walk through the first system of pipes to its logical conclusion in the lowest level of the gallery proper (through that “phantom” Oz Christmas ornament photograph), he sees more evidence of the changes: a giant pipe now sits right outside the far window of the space he’s just entered; actually pokes through the window nearest the mouth part.

This mouth represents the beginning of the second system. Baker Bloch knows he can reach the pipe mouth very quickly by walking through the gallery room to his right and then heading through the opening in the wall to that outer foyer with the Blinkerton-style Land of Oz pictures, pictured here before the new pipe system was put in place.


Below is the new look with the open pipe end or mouth.


Blochs confidently enters the new system, but finds it rather dark and unlighted in comparison to the first. Where are Baker Blinker’s lights she promised to install in the new system, he wonders?

He finally finds one of these white halogen lights, but only when reaching this large opening to his left. Another subway system, and by appearances a little longer than even the one that’s, in essence, now part of the first pipe system.


Baker decides to ignore this subway for now and continue straight and then around a corner to…


The grunge water tower located at almost the extreme southwest corner of the Rubi properties. From here he takes in the spectacular view of the new-look temple and its vast series of pipes. Again, Baker finds the sight incredibly pleasing, although others may deem it too grungy or ugly in general. Whatever tickles your fancy, I suppose. I *am* glad I fixed the back side of the temple cube so the back of one of the Victorian houses within didn’t show through. Looks better now for sure with the smooth, continuous (blue) tiles returned, a look originally created for the temple at its Azure Island location. In fact, there are several things about the new pipe system that remind me of this old AI skybox, as I’ll get to in a minute.


The south view from the grunge water tower now looks out over some kind of new Christmas themed store. Quite a large and open winter wonderland!


Tunnels x 2, 2