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Through A Glass Darkly? November 21, 2008

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And if so in both directions equally?


Nautilus Underwater, East 3

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Esbum Michigan is at this location as I write this text, checking behind Baker Bloch’s observations. As far as I can tell, this is a complex of 4 almost empty structures all partially buried in the sea floor now. This is in the Ythmum sim (teleport here to view it yourself). All 4 appear identical to each other as well, with 3 on the bank of the same, little sea valley and the 4th positioned on the side of a hillock a little further to the west, just above one of those thriving seaweed choked bottom lands.


Various artifacts are found in and around the structures, including this array of 2 tall jars (center) and what’s called a “pitcher” in the description to the right of Baker here.


Curiously, the couple of tall jars at the structure just opposite the valley bottom from the one pictured above, while obviously the same type of jar, are colored more brown than green. Just noting this.*


And then we have what’s called a “Corroded Brass Pole” partially buried in the sand beside the structure with the greener jars. As Esbum explores the region today while I’m creating this text, she’s indicated that there’s another one of these poles propped up against the wall of the 3rd structure of this particular complex. She also notes that there’s a rather large, golden squid inside that sunken building, a creature Baker Bloch noticed as well but neglected to take a decent snapshot of while in the area.

Squids above a kelp covered bottomland again, except this time they’re green or blue-green instead of pink.


Here’s the 4th structure that’s set off from the other three a bit. Notice the several sea fans sprouting from the roof.


Nautilus Underwater, East 4

* Esbum also notes that there are 2 and only 2 jars at each of the 3 more tightly clustered ruined buildings, with the the 2 on the west side of the small valley they’re located in harboring the non-green jars and the one on the east side having the 2 green or greener jars. Then the 4th set-apart structure has no jars — just sea fans.


Nautilus Underwater, East 2

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Well, after the temple room and it’s force field protect room of splendors and mystery, it’s not surprising that the rest of this 6 part “Nautilus Underwater, East” series might be a little boring, starting with a snapshot of this sea serpent. But onward I go anyway… Baker Bloch now feels he must explore the the entire new part of the ocean surrounding Nautilus City/Island to see what else he’s been missing. However, he has vowed not to return to the island itself in large for a considerable time period, until things settle down there after the recent buying spree on property. He couldn’t help notice, though, that there’s a *lot* of land still for sale on the island, and he wonders how long it will take for the “settling down” to happen, maybe months, many even years. I only talked Baker Bloch in return to the the Nautilus Island area after the spectacular find on the far eastern island of the complex — let’s just call this island Far East itself when referring to it in this blog. He won’t *technically* be returning, I argued to him, since he’s not really returning to the island itself, again in any extensive fashion as before. Oh, he’ll most likely have to make landfall at times, I admitted, if only to get his bearing ocassionally. But, no, I told him I understand completely about waiting for the new residents to adjust to the island with their own unique builds, etc. However, just in spot checking (teleporting quickly in and out of various locations), Baker Bloch and also Esbum Michigan and Hucka D., both of whom have been doing some fact checking behind Baker Bloch (Esbum’s in the field today, matter of fact), the new builds seem curiously conservative — very nice but quite tame. I sent Hucka D. out there to examine the sky region, where he discovered only a handful of builds still, and with the one large build he came across in his admittedly limited time there being another nicely constructed but still what one could call a “traditional” skybox. It’s early I know, but I’m beginning to wonder if and when the real creativity that the island almost demands back will surface. Lord knows my haphazardly collaged Temple of TILE would not fit in there at all, but… well, I’ll stick to my wait-and-see holding pattern for now.


I didn’t mean to imply that Baker Bloch didn’t find anything else of interest besides the temple room at Far East. Take, for example, this Nautilus craft located between Far East and the dolphin temple at the east end of the island itself, which appears to be the same kind as found in the bottom area of the temple (post describing it appears here). However, according to the description of this particular version, it is a “stranded Nautilus”. Which begs questions such as: “Who stranded it?”; “How long has it been here?” and, most importantly perhaps; “Was it on the way to Far East when it was stranded and, if so, was it perhaps sabotaged in some way or attacked in some fashion?” These, of course, will have to remain open questions for now.


Baker Bloch pauses to admire the spectacle of pink squids rising above a bottom land of seaweed and swirling schools of small fish.



Another beautiful array of colorful sea life inside the bottom of an old ship hull.


Nautilus Underwater, East 3


Nautilus Underwater, East 1

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I’m not sure how much energy I want to divest to another detailed examination of Nautilus Island, this time focusing more on the sea, but I did at least want to clear my folders of the snapshots in these 3 particular posts (East 1, 2, 3). The most important find is most likely described in this first post, which appears to be a temple room.

Here’s a snapshot of the easternmost island of the new Nautilus Island/City sims. Not much to see there — island appears totally devoid of any kind of life. However, in checking behind Baker Bloch’s observations once more, Esbum is presently finding several missed objects on a south bank of the island, including 2 side-by-side “Mythic Pear Whelks” and, about 10 meters away, a green bottle termed “bottle candle green” upon inspection.

But anyway, the most important part to take in on the below snapshot is that dark object near the lower right hand corner. That’s the underwater temple room. Let’s move in closer.


When he first encountered the opening, Baker Bloch was quite shocked to see this large visage of Neptune staring back out at him. Not what he expected to find on a remote edge of the Nautilus sims. He’s made a note to check *islands* in this new sea very carefully during future explorations.


Flying through the square door of the hidden temple room (there’s no way to just walk in) he immediately runs across another Neptune/Poseidon statue which has been knocked over by some means, with several parts of the body, including the head, dis-attached from the torso.


He takes another deep breath when then turning to his left and seeing this incredible display. What in the world do we have here? he found himself thinking. There’s the snake goddess figure again, just like in the pink cystal temple in the Citadel region… wait, the eyes are red this time! He takes a closer look…


Acually, between the time of these snapshot and the writing of the text, I decided to send Hucka Doobie to the Citadel temple just to make sure the eyes weren’t red there as well. They weren’t, but Hucka D. also made an astute observation upon taking a closer look at those golden eyes, gold like all the rest of the figures there, that they could be *closed* eyes. That is, the gold eyes could just be gold *eyelids*. Well, if Hucka D. is right on this, and he could very well be, it raises some issues. Why would the Citadel temple goddess’ eyes be shut and this particular one, way out in the middle of nowhere, be open? I’m also reminded that there are snake goddesses guarding the larger pink crystal cluster to the north of the Citadel, and I found it strange at the time that these 4 looked *away* from the crystals while the 2 on the lower floor of the Citadel temple looked toward the smaller cluster of pink crystals in that building. Are they really looking toward it, though?

Another idea is that the red eyes of the temple goddesses, and also of the identical goddess figures in the outdoor crystal complex to the north, have been removed, perhaps related to their value. They could be large rubies. But a check of the prim totals for one of the golden eyed Citadel figures and then this particular red-eyed figure shows the same number of prims, 42, which seems to argue against the theft theory and more towards the closed eyes theory.


However fascinating this red eyed wonder is, there’s much more to be seen in this closed off section of the temple room. I want, first, to address this window pane effect. In thinking about it further, I don’t believe it’s a window. I think it’s some kind of force field. It has that sort of wavery effect (Esbum is looking at it right now as I type) one associates with force fields through movies and shut. It’s simply called “Object” in the description, but I think I’m right here. If so, this means that the people of the island had access to at least pockets of advanced technology, more advanced than our own present RL technologies that is. This also begs the inclusion of more Atlantean resources to be brought to bear on the subject. I know that the supposed Atlantean crystals were used for many technological purposes that we consider to be impossible, and thus move more into the magical and fairy-tale realm. But virtual realities such as SL are giving us, even if only on a very abstracted level, glimpses as to how these purposes could have been actuated. And I think this is one of the fascinations with the Nautilus Island/City area for some: we have something that just popped out of the sea in a matter of hours, maybe minutes, just like Atlantis supposedly sunk rapidly into the ocean in its final days.

I’m no Atlantis expert at all, but I am planning to look up the possible use of force fields in Atlantean times. Could be important information.

Getting back to SL and this island temple, we have, then, a bowl of different hued crystals on a table below the goddess. This also immediately attracted my attention. At first I thought the round ones might be pills or something other than crystals, but in inspecting the descriptions found out they’re not. And I’ve seen that type of crystal bracelet before — near the wrecked boat at the bottom of the central Citadel pool (not yet recorded in this blog, though).

Then you have a number of golden dolphins surrounding the goddess, 4 to be exact. And all those jars.

And I’m still overlooking what many would consider the most important part: the golden bullion! There’s piles and piles of it on the floor just below the goddess. Is this, then, merely a treasure trove? Are we looking through a “window”, almost a time portal, into the past glory of the island?


Well, I’ve speculated enough for tonight. There’s obviously much to chew on here.


Nautilus Underwater, East 2