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Tunnels!, 3 November 19, 2008

Understanding that there’s no other way to walk off The Arab except to dive into the pipe mouth on the the edge of the deck he just exited from, he takes the plug into the pipe system once again.


He exits the system to the right at the bottom of the first turn to enter what he knows is Esbum’s provided new digs, very similar in feel and look — kind of — to her old room in the Azure Island TILE temple. Since creating these snapshots, Esbum herself has looked around the room and “porch”, with its viewing chair [her beloved “First Chair”], and tentatively given the thumbs up to the Bakers. Mind you, she still has some reservations about the more open air aspect to the space than with her old room. But at the same time it’s about as far out of the way as you can get on the property space but still be in basically the center of things. She has easy access to both the grounds, as we’ve seen, and also the gallery itself, as will be apparent shortly. So overall it is a positive review by Esbum.

Below, Baker Bloch looks around Esbum’s new room, complete with her slum bed, slum dresser, and Elvis picture (also transferred from the old temple). She personally requested the Elvis picture be included in the new digs — the younger Elvis picture of his two in the Azure Islands temple.

In the below snapshot, Baker Bloch is also standing to the left of the entrance to the third and last section of the Rubi gallery pipe system. As in the second section, the slant is again upward at around a 20 degree angle or so.


Baker Bloch looks back at Esbum’s First Chair from inside the newest passage. That’s the hull of The Arab poking through the pipe wall to his right, as well as a section of the giant spearhead cypress tree that use to be in the Temple of TILE during its Azure Island incarnation.


You actually walk around the front of The Arab here to proceed, with the ship poking through on either side of the front. Here’s the pokey-through part on the other side, with even a bit of the deck sticking out this time. Not really a big enough slice to walk upon, and even little Hucka D. could only manage to squeeze down less than half of its approx. 10 meter length. But on the other hand if it was much wider you’d have trouble getting past it on the pipe side to continue.

By the way, Baker Bloch is now in the longest straightaway in the pipe system, measuring over 40 meters in length.


Then when visiting the system a little after Baker Bloch pieced it together, Baker Blinker decided, on a whim, to rez this Uncle Milton Ant Farm she’d had in her inventory for forever and place it on the deck slice here, just because she hadn’t had an opportunity to display the rather neat object yet in any build. The narrow deck seemed a decent enough place to start. Weird thing: my good friend Headburro *Antfarm* was, on that very day, celebrating his 2nd *Rez*day in SL, but I only found out about the latter Antfarm-rezzing conjunction several hours later, when HBA sent me a notecard on the subject. Strange how oddities like this happen with such regularity in SL.


Then at the end of the long straightaway — surprise! — you will find yourself entering the lowest level of the Gallery at the Temple of TILE, staring directly at an Edna-style Blinkerton photo.


But when you walk into the gallery here and turn around, no trace of the tunnel can be seen. This illusion was created, in the main (in retrospect anyway), to make Esbum’s room inside The Arab a more private place. You can get back through the wall into the tunnels, but you, of course, have to know it’s there in the first place to do so.

And with that we’ve reached the end of our Rubi gallery/temple tunnel tour! Hope you enjoyed it.


Couple of exterior shots to finish.


3 Responses to “Tunnels!, 3”

  1. hba Says:

    Hi Bakers – The Arab is looking good – but then everything could do with a little bit of Antfarm if you ask me 🙂

  2. […] Wilsonia decides to pop through the hole in the front deck, complete with ladder. She descends to an area very reminiscent of Esbum’s room inside The Arab back in Rubi. […]

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