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Tunnels!, 2 November 19, 2008

The second pipeway is about the same length as the first Baker has already walked through. Blochs quickly enters a straight passageway very similar to the first encountered, except we have about a 20 degree upward slant here instead of a downward slant.


Passing some interestingly placed green hued rocks, Baker Bloch rounds another corner and finds this opening to the left, much like there’s an opening to his left in passageway #1 at about this point, leading into what remains of the subway area. In fact, the first opening lies almost directly below this particular opening. But just as before, Baker decides to ignore this left opening for the moment to see what lies in the passage that continues around another quick corner.


Taking him up a final steep, short section to…


…the deck of The Arab. This is one of the functions of the pipe system, then: to allow easier access to this ship, including the deck, superstructure, and the 3 belowdecks cargo rooms.


I’ve already covered The Arab’s strangest and most apparent quality in this earlier post, so I’ll just finish this particular post off with some snapshots of Baker Bloch on the deck region looking at various parts of the pipe system, some he’s explored but with obvious stretches of pipe yet to be examined.



Tunnels!, 3.


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